The importance of making friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is no exception. As in any other installment of the saga, there is also the possibility of making friends. This not only serves to play with a partner and both enjoy the activities throughout our camp, but it can also generate certain advantages that you can take advantage of.

The mobile video game of the very popular Nintendo series has certain minimal differences with respect to the console titles, but the base remains exactly the same. When we arrive at the place where we will establish our home, we will have to start paying Tom Nook a certain amount as a mortgage.

importance of making friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

This can become a torment for the players, since to advance they will have to spend a considerable number of berries . Luckily, friends are a great way to raise a lot of money.

take advantage of your friends

The truth is that collecting a large amount of berries can be a task that is not easy at all, because the amount that can be obtained successively is somewhat limited. Even so, we can make use of our friendships to take advantage and increase the amount.

If you regularly play Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, it is almost certain that you know the Apalazos quarry . In case you did not know, it is an area where players can get minerals by breaking rocks, to later exchange them for berries or materials.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

However, there is an essential element that is not mentioned at any time and that is that you can help your friends in their task. Simply for that you will opt for a certain number of berries that can vary. It is necessary to consult our list of friends regularly to see if someone needs our collaboration.

Friends are also interesting when it comes to taking a look at the market . Mainly, because it is possible that one of them needs an item that you have in your possession, so you can sell it for a reasonable amount of berries. You don’t have to go overboard either, you’re colleagues for a reason.

How to add friends

Adding people to your friends list is very useful. In addition to visiting his plot and his motorhome, you can take advantage of the virtues mentioned above, although you can take a walk so that he can show you his city. To add other players you can choose from several methods that we leave you below:

  • Through a friend code.
  • Sending the request directly to a player when you run into them during the journey.
  • Send a request to a player you have previously met.
  • Search for friends in your social networks.
  • Send the request by email or text message.
  • Thanks to the function of sending sounds.

These are all the ways you can get friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Now that you know how you can use this area of the game, it’s time to make the most of it and get as many berries as possible. You should know that there is no limit when it comes to this, so you can make friends without stopping.