IKEA to Create New Line of Gaming Accessories with Asus ROG

IKEA has signed an interesting collaboration agreement with Asus ROG. Between both companies they will create a new line of products focused on the gamer world . There are not many details, but it is known that it will consist of about thirty products and accessories with a common denominator: an affordable price. So get ready, because your next gaming room could be entirely from Ikea.

IKEA, to conquer the gamer

If you are in love with setups and workspaces, you will know that IKEA has become the ideal place when it comes to buying new furniture and the occasional additional accessory. And is that, products as popular as the Alex chest of drawers or kitchen countertops are used a lot to create that ideal play room or workplace.

IKEA to Create New Line of Gaming Accessories

Therefore, this collaboration that he now announces with Asus ROG does not really catch us by surprise. On the contrary, you are probably even wondering why they have taken so long to do something like that. Because their products are already sold a lot for these purposes and because other companies like Herman Miller and Logitech have already done something similar by adapting some of the most popular products of the first (the Embody chair) with the needs conveyed by the second.

Anyway, the important thing now is that IKEA is finally launching into this market that is estimated to be made up of a quarter of the world’s population. Or what is the same, there are a total of 2,500 million potential clients. So, if one takes into account how the company has been diversifying income through other lines such as that focused on home automation and the connected home, it is normal that they show such interest in creating these new accessories and products for video game lovers .

What will these products be? Well, they have not confirmed it, but in the case of around thirty products it is easy to imagine that there will be a little of all. Sure there are chairs, maybe a gamer version of the popular Markus; also tables that could perfectly be those of the Bekant family, as well as many other products.

What’s more, the shared photos show some sketches of headphone stands. But we would dare to say that there could be accessories for cable management and organization, articulated arms for attaching VESA-mountable monitors, and much more. It would not even be strange if they took advantage of the experience of the Tradfri series to create lighting products for streamers. The possibilities are so many that you already want to know more details.

First the connected home, now the gamers

In short, the news is not really that IKEA is going to design products and accessories focused on the gaming sector. The news is that they have taken a long time to take a step that seemed quite obvious in light of the numerous sales made over all these years.

Because its products are widely used to create spaces focused on the world of videogames, some of them are even “hacked” to adapt them to their particular needs. So if you take into account how much money this market generates each year it was clear that something like this would end up happening.

So now it’s time to have a little patience. Because until February 2021 we will not see the first products , which will be launched first in China. And later, at the end of the same year, they will reach the rest of the countries and markets where the manufacturer operates.

So if you were planning to renovate your space or create a completely new one, it may still be worth waiting a little. Because if they maintain that approach that has characterized them for years of making products with a good design and an attractive price, it is likely that they will end up becoming a paradise for lovers of dream setups.