How to Customize Android Phones with Different Styles

The Android operating system is known for its many customization options, although they haven’t always been intrigued out of the box on stock Android. Until we got to know Android 10, there was no possibility of using styles or also known as themes in these mobiles, except that we will use some of the most popular customization layers.

Customize Android Phones with Different Styles

For those who have an Android mobile with version 10 or Android 11 such as Google Pixel 4a and without overly intrusive layers of customization, we present this complete option. Devices with Android One can also benefit from it and allow you to get the best out of your smartphone without having to install complex applications to which we have to spend a lot of time to get what we want.

How to use styles on Android

To start enjoying them, all we have to do is go to the Settings section on the smartphone and then look for the section called screen. Inside we will have to choose the option Styles and wallpapers to see all the options that appear.

estilos android

By default, the system itself already offers us some styles in Android that we can use or adapt to our liking. By tapping on each of them we will be able to make a preview and learn about the rest of the sections that have changed in each of the styles.

Steps to create our own style on Android

At the end of the styles that come by default we have the possibility of customizing our own styles , something that we are going to do by clicking on the more button. After this, a series of tabs will open where we can change everything that we show you below:

personalizar estilos android

  • Text font: with four font options.
  • Icons: four modes
  • Colors: eight colors to choose from
  • Shapes: eight shapes available

personalizar estilos android

Finally we save the style with a name and apply it to be able to see it come true on our mobile. To this we have to add the change of wallpaper or lock screen, something that we are going to do from this same options menu. When applying one of the themes we can choose if we want to keep the wallpaper that we are using or use the one associated with it.

The styles created in Android are not only applied to the home screen, they also have their representation in the quick access panel and in the upper information bar to, for example, show us the WiFi or battery icon.