IKEA and Sonos Prepare New Symfonisk Device

Sonos and IKEA will meet again on the road. Both brands are working on a new device that will arrive to expand the current catalog that makes up the Symfonisk series. You know, that speaker lamp and speaker shelf that we could try and such a good taste in our mouths left us with options and sound quality.

New Symfonisk device in sight

IKEA and Sonos Prepare New Symfonisk Device

The collaboration between IKEA and Sonos resulted in two devices that, despite not being perfect, did very well meet the expectations that most initially placed on them. Thus, both the lamp speaker and the shelf speaker liked almost everyone who tried them.

The lamp speaker not only for its sound, which we already told you was practically like a Sonos One with the only difference in design. And it is that in the upper part you had a socket where to place a light bulb that if it was intelligent, still gave many more options within the connected home to be able to manage music both via app and through voice commands.

On the other hand, the shelf speaker had the attractiveness of a very good sound for a well adjusted price and the versatility of being able to use it in different positions and even placed on the wall as a shelf on which to deposit some light objects.

Altavoz IKEA Sonos Symfonisk

Well, now both companies have used their respective social networks to announce that they are working on new devices. What will these products be? Well, that is not known, despite the fact that there is an application in the FCC and the name of the product appears to be IKEA FHO-E1913 . And it is that with the images and the manual hidden, the truth is that none of the previous data give many clues.

However, in recent months the possibility of IKEA launching a new version of its speaker lamp with a somewhat smaller design has been considered at some point. Something that would make a lot of sense in terms of its integration into other types of home settings. Another option would be a kind of Sonos Sub also smaller, but to be honest we would like the first thing more: a new speaker and not a complement to the current ones.

Also, seeing how “mini” speakers like the latest Apple HomePod or the speakers from Amazon, Google or even the recent Sonos Roam have been gaining popularity, it would be interesting to have a much easier product to fit anywhere.