The Best Leak of the Huawei P50 Design. Photos and Video

With the passage of time, more and more Huawei P50 designs have been filtered but the last ones are the ones that have allowed us to shape the next top of the range of the Chinese manufacturer. Now a video is coming to light that represents in a 3D reader everything we can expect from Huawei’s flagships for 2021.

As you can see in the clip, one of the great novelties that we are going to find in the Huawei P50 is in its camera package, where we will again come across 4 sensors, but divided by 2 in other larger circles. This would be the main hallmark of this model and the P50 Pro but it is not the only thing we can see in the video that advances the design of the phone.

A most peculiar design

Despite this great change with respect to what the brand has used to us, the collaboration with Leica in the development of these sensors is still present. The differences between models would be that the Huawei P50 Pro would boast a main sensor, a wide angle and a periscope with 5x zoom adding a b / w lens, while the P50 Pro Plus would have a main lens, an ultra wide angle, a telephoto lens and a periscope sensor. For its part, the P50 Pro Plus would summarize a fifth lens.

Huawei P50 cámaras

On the front there would also be changes compared to what was seen in the Huawei P40, Now the phone screen offers a central hole to locate the selfie camera instead of being located on a corner of the phone. The right side of the phone includes volume and power buttons while at the bottom, as usual, it has a USB Type-C port but there is no space for a headphone port.

Huawei P50 diseño

All these specifications perfectly match the same design revealed in the patent that was leaked a few days ago of the phone, which seems to indicate that the phone that finally hits stores will be like this. Perhaps there are more doubts regarding the colors of the device since those shown in the video and photos, brown, black, white and green, may not coincide with those that finally reach the stores.

At the moment there is no official date for the presentation of these Huawei P50 but it is most likely that the brand will be known later this month.

Source> Waqar Khan