What can you do if you make the wrong person when sending a Bizum?

Few things are more frustrating than making a mistake when making a money transfer. Depending on the means by which you do it, recovering it will be more or less simple, but, in the case of Bizum, we are facing a quite complicated situation. Is there a way, humanly possible, to recover the money that I have sent to the wrong phone number?

make the wrong person when sending a Bizum

We’re not going to overthink it. Bizum , through its service, and in line with the different banking apps that use this system, say that ‘If you made a mistake when sending money, bad luck’. It doesn’t really say that, but in the terms of use they make it quite clear that they don’t have any way to cancel the operation and make you get the money sent again. This is what the platform mentions in its FAQ section.

The easiest solution is for you to contact the person to whom you have mistakenly sent the money, so that they can return it to you. In any case, you can also contact your bank to be informed about the cases in which you can request a refund of the operation.


Contact the recipient

Sometimes users may issue incorrect payments to persons for whom the processed amount was not intended, similarly, the situation may arise where the shipment has been made to unknown persons and we have to recover the money. In this case, the only thing you can do is, as the company itself indicates, get in touch with the recipient as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that, once the process is finished and we have realized that we have made a mistake, the entity itself indicates that it will not cancel any payment to the recipient.

It really is quite easy, because in Bizum’s transfer history you will have the number to which you have sent the money. In this way you can add it to WhatsApp or, directly call it, to explain the problem and your mistake to see if it can return it to you. Of course, from here on everything falls in the good faith of the person who has received the transfer and who knows how to make the return. It should not be a problem because, if you have received the money, it is because you know how to use the system, since if you had not registered one, the process would have been completed.

If they don’t listen to your pleas, the only thing you can do is contact your bank, but, from experience, we tell you that they are not going to be able to do much either. You have nothing to lose by trying, but we know of many cases of mistakes in which the bank can only encourage you to contact the recipient of the amount sent through Bizum.

So, you know, before sending money through this platform, check very carefully that all the digits of the phone number to whom we are sending money are correct. Remember that Bizum forces you to enter, in most cases, the phone number twice to avoid these errors.