POCO M3: Covers to Protect It from Bumps and Scratches

This week one of the most surprising mobiles of the Android entry range has been presented. This is the new POCO M3 , a phone that offers a lot for very little, and also has a surprising design. Also during this Black Friday it has been possible to buy at a demolition price. And it would not be bad to release it with one of these covers.

POCO M3: Covers

A phone that has a curious design on the back, with a rectangular camera module that extends to the end of the phone. We review several covers that in some cases will allow us to continue showing off design, and in others not.

Transparent silicone

The classic transparent silicone case is surely one of the best choices to be able to continue showing off the design of our new phone, while protecting it from possible accidental bumps and scratches that could be carried away.

Fundas POCO M3

Anti scratches and finger marks

This case has been made of high quality PC, in such a way that it can withstand the strongest impacts and also protect it from scratches. In addition, its finish prevents fingerprints from showing and is generally a good way to keep the phone well protected.

Fundas POCO M3

Seven for the price of one

It is undoubtedly the great attraction of this product, which is a pack of covers that allows us to have no less than seven for the price that would be worth only one , even adding the price of shipping. In total we can enjoy covers of different colors, such as black, red, blue, dark, pink, lavender, yellow and green . It is made of high-strength TPU material.

Fundas POCO M3

With 360 degree protection

Undoubtedly one of the covers that can best protect our new POCO M3, since it also has frontal protection . Since it is made up of two parts, one front and one back, which become one and protect both parts of the phone. Despite this, the screen can perfectly detect our fingers.

Fundas POCO M3

Carbon look

This case has a fairly elegant design, and also has a similar finish to carbon , aesthetically speaking. Since the design mimics this material so popular among high-end vehicles. It fully protects the back and edges, as well as helping you grip the phone overall.

Fundas POCO M3

Rugged and magnetic

One of the classics when choosing a cover. This has a rugged design , which offers more thickness and better shock absorbing materials. But it also has a ring that can be used as a base, as well as a magnetized area that is perfect for placing the mobile on a magnetic holder for the car.

Fundas POCO M3