Huawei P30 Pro: How to Connect two Headphones at the Same Time

The headphone jack is touched with death. What for some users is still something vital seems to have the days counted, at least in the high-end mobiles that are coming. The Huawei P30 Pro has already taken the step by eliminating this option , while the standard P30 clung to it. This can limit some options when we want to use headphones, although we will always find a solution to any inconvenience.

In the era of multimedia content, with a large number of streaming audio and video platforms, it is very common to want to share the audio with a friend. With the classic 3.5mm jack the famous adapter could fix the ballot and we could also charge the phone at the same time. Having a port for everything can stylize our terminal or make it technically less complicated, but limits some of your options.


Two headphones at the same time

To be able to connect two headphones at the same time on the Huawei P30 Pro we will have to use two methods: the first one takes advantage of the headphones with 3.5 jack that we already have at home, while the second one is more comfortable and “modern”, since It allows us to connect two bluetooth headphones at the same time to listen to the same audio source.

With an adapter

An economical option that works perfectly is to connect a USB-C adapter to two female 3.5mm jack outputs . This means that we can connect two headphones and listen to the same audio source without loss of sound. Although we can find many different, we leave you just below with an example available on Amazon.

adaptador usb-c a doble jack

This peripheral has a Realtek chip that ensures high quality audio conversion while maintaining the original sound. It offers a sampling frequency of up to 192KHz / 24bit and has noise reduction technology. Its price is 17 euros with free shipping for Prime customers.

Buy 3.5mm USB-C to double jack adapter at Amazon

Huawei P30 Pro bluetooth 5 dispositivos

Two Bluetooth headphones

Since the Huawei P30 Pro has Bluetooth in its 5.0 standard, we can connect several Bluetooth devices at the same time. However, we must activate this option in the developer options, which are hidden. To do this we go to Settings / System / About the phone. Now click on Build number seven times in a row until the message “Now you are a developer.” Appears on the screen.

opciones bluetooth p30 pro

Now let’s fly to the System screen, access Developer options / “Maximum number of connected bluetooth audio devices”, and increase the value to the maximum (3 devices). Then we restart the phone and we can use two bluetooth headphones simultaneously.