Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Features We Hope to See

This year, most Xiaomi launches, such as the new Redmi 9 or the Xiaomi Mi 10, may take place a few weeks ahead of time and appear earlier than expected. This would imply that, at the same time, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 could be reality not too late.


Speaking of it in our office, we have become demanding and have thought about the weaknesses of the current sports bracelets and we have found the keys that could make the next smart bracelet of the Chinese manufacturer an indispensable device. In the following lines we bet on the possible characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that would fall in love with all lovers of this type of products.

For asking that it not remain.

Microphone and speaker

One of the great wonders of some Huawei wearable devices is being able to make calls from the smartwatch or even listen to music through an integrated speaker. Once you have it you can not stop using it and it becomes a basic tool in everyday life.

Although this would imply a slight price increase, if the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 manages to incorporate at least one speaker in its design with which to listen to WhatsApp audio notes or our favorite music while showering, it would burst the market.


The eternal desire. And it is not that it is something extremely complicated because the Chinese versions of the Xiaomi bracelet have NFC connectivity. Perhaps the arrival on the market of alternatives such as the Realme Band, which would boast of this connectivity, could make Xiaomi finally bring to Europe its Mi Band 5 equipped with NFC connectivity to, among other things, make mobile payments.

More screen brightness

mi band 4 correa naranja

It is clear that the Chinese firm has made sacrifices in the brightness of the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in order to maintain a battery life above two weeks even with a color screen. However, this implies that in broad daylight it is sometimes difficult to consult the wristband data.

Hopefully the team that is currently developing the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 hit the key to increase the brightness without sacrificing excessively the battery life.

Integrated GPS

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

One of the main features missing in all Mi Band models is the integrated GPS. If you want to track your careers in one of the Xiaomi bracelets, you must connect to your phone at all times, forcing you to exercise with the mobile on top. Although you can use the Mi Band 4 without the mobile , We would like to see that the future Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with this GPS inside the wristband finally can be used without carrying the smartphone in tow.


actualizar mi band 4

Sometimes, when you are exercising, you want to access the timer or consult the bracelet notifications but doing so interrupts the on-screen tracking. In the Mi Band 4 , for example you cannot access other applications while doing sports tracking, which limits the use cases of the device. If the future Xiaomi bracelet wants to be the best possible companion, it would not hurt the brand to think about multitasking.