Samsung Galaxy A70 Screen Lock Problem: How to Fix it

The Samsung Galaxy A70 has several technical elements that bring it closer to some high-end devices. Although its price is far from the great terminals of Koreans, for many it has been the first contact with technologies that until recently were reserved for more expensive terminals, such as the on-screen fingerprint sensor. But as with many other terminals, the Galaxy A70 is not without problems.

The specialized forums, including those of the Samsung community, are full of users who report problems in blocking the Galaxy A70. Although the symptoms are varied, the common denominator is that the terminal turns on its screen continuously , with the consequent expenditure of energy that this entails and even sometimes leads to overheating that is not good at all.galaxy-a70-screen-lock

USB message connected

Some users indicate that they find their Galaxy A70 on when they take it out of their pocket even if it was previously locked, while gold reports a constant message of connection and disconnection of a USB cable in the notification bar, which causes the screen to turn on.

samsung pantalla encendida

Clean the connector

The specific message is “connect USB connected / connect USB disconnected”. In this case there are two solutions that are working as we have been able to verify in the affected users. The first is to clean the USB-C connector, which is sensitive to dirt and launches false connection positives if it is dirty or dusty inside. Once cleaned we can restart the computer and turn it on again to check if the problem has disappeared.

Original cable?

The problem is also being reported by those users who are not using the original device cable. The solution is to buy again or make us with an original Samsung charging cable, since several people have solved the problem in this way.

cargador samsung galaxy a70

Screen that does not turn off

If the problem is that you find the screen unlocked or on when it should be off, there are also several solutions in this regard.

System updates

The first is to verify that we do not have any pending system updates. Samsung has released several patches for the Galaxy A70 since it went on sale, and many have fixed errors with its screen. Many users who had not noticed that they had a new version pending and have updated, have solved the problem.

Disable “Lift to activate”

Making some adjustments to gestures and screen options can also end the problem of locking on the Galaxy A70. The first thing is to go to the Settings / Advanced Functions / Movements and Gestures menu. Now we must deactivate the “Raise to activate” option that will prevent the device from constantly turning on when it detects an abrupt movement that is misunderstood by the device.

evitar pulsacion accidental samsung

Accidental pulsations

Another option that will help us eliminate the problem is found in Settings / Screen. Here we must activate the option “Block accidental pressing” . This way we can protect the terminal from unwanted pulsations when it is in a bag or pocket.

Factory settings

Some users however, have not been able to solve the problem on their Galaxy A70 until they have made an adjustment to factory settings. For this we will have to make a backup of our files before. Then we will go to Settings / General Administration / Reset / Reset to factory settings . If with this last step we do not fix the problem, it is likely that we have to visit the nearest Technical Service so that they can detect the error and offer us a solution.