How you get the new Fortnite battle pass for free

With the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, many users want to buy the battle pass, but can’t afford it. The friends of what is foreign are aware of the importance for many users of being able to have V-Bucks to buy the battle pass and the number of scams that we can find by doing a simple search is very high, scams that always involve using a credit card, for you always have to be suspicious. However, there are other methods that will allow us to get the battle pass without investing a single euro , we just have to enjoy the game.

All Fortnite battle passes allow users who buy it to get 1,500 V-Bucks completely free of charge, V-Bucks that can be used to buy the next Battle Pass, which is priced at 950 V-Bucks. But, users who do not buy it, also have the opportunity to get free paVos and buy the battle pass.

How you get the new Fortnite battle pass for free

Complete the entire battle pass

If we don’t buy the battle pass, we can also get free paVos, however, the number of paVos that we can get is much more limited, since of the 1,500 that we can completely get the battle pass after buying it, it is reduced to just 300 paVos . Yes, we usually play Fortnite and complete all the battle passes without spending the V-Bucks we get, in just 3 seasons, we can have 900 V-Bucks. To those 900 V-Bucks we have to add the 50 V-Bucks that we need by completing the Battle Pass levels of the season we are in and with them, being able to buy it without having invested a single euro in the game. In order to get all the following battle passes without paying, all we have to do is keep at least 950 unspent V-Bucks out of the 1,500.

with save the world

Save the world, as many of us already know, in the original Fortnite game, is the game mode with which this Epic Games title hit the market in 2017, a game mode that, after the success of PUBG (which is released months later), quickly adopted and made this game one of the most popular along with PUBG, the first two games that popularized battle royale, a mode that is currently being explained by titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Super People among others.

If during the different promotions that Epic Games has made of this title, we have had the opportunity to buy it, or we have taken advantage of a specific promotion when buying our console, we can use it to get paVos completely free of charge and be able to buy the battle pass without spending one euro.

paVos gratis - Salvar el mundo

Unlike the battle pass, where the number of V-Bucks we can get is limited, in Save the World, we can get 150 V-Bucks every week for free , just log in to the game, no quest is required.

There are no other methods

The Fortnite paVos is the currency of the game, a currency that allows us to buy the different skins, dances, spikes, battle pass and others that the game makes available to us. This is the only method of monetization that Epic Games uses to be able to obtain the necessary money to pay for the servers, maintain its development, pay the employees and obtain a profit that allows it to continue maintaining the game. Ultimately, Fortnite is like a store, if the store doesn’t work, if people don’t buy, it’s best to close it and do something else.

paVos gratis Fortnite estafa

Although Epic Games is one of the companies that treats its players best, it is not an NGO. There is no method that really works to get free V-Bucks. The web pages that invite us to get free paVos, force us to use the credit card to verify that we are of legal age, a piece of information that cannot be extracted from the numbers of a credit card. Or it invites us to enter our phone number where we will receive a message to which we have to respond ALTA and a code to subscribe to premium messaging platforms.