The programmers and computer scientists who earn the most money

The search by companies for employees related to computing and application development is more booming than ever. In addition, many of them already offer jobs directly remotely, without going through an office. This mode of operation has spread ostensibly since the beginning of the pandemic that we have experienced.

The programmers and computer scientists who earn the most money

It is true that many companies have decided to continue teleworking despite the fact that working conditions have largely returned to normal. Surely, if we ask, there are those who prefer to work from home, while others prefer to go to the office every day and interact with colleagues, all despite virtual meeting programs. Everything has its pros and cons , as usual. However, what we may not know at this time is that the difference in wages also influences this section.

This is precisely what we want to talk about next, focusing on programmers and computer scientists in general, the difference in salary between face-to -face and remote mode is important. First of all, we must take into consideration that in general terms, salaries related to the world of technology are higher than ever. Of course, experienced professionals in the sector are required to cover all types of computer-related positions, generally with more than three years of experience.

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This is something that already started before the COVID-19 that has devastated almost the entire globe. However, many of those who to date worked in an office in person, have migrated to their homes. And it is that for obvious reasons remote work has spread significantly in recent months.

Who earns more, the face-to-face computer or the remote

Well, for all those who have wondered what kind of work is better paid at the moment, we are going to clarify it for you. It is worth mentioning that, in most of the technology markets analyzed over the last few years, the salary of remote workers exceeds that of face-to-face workers . Here many factors come into play, such as the expenses that the company itself saves if we work from home. This is something that directly affects the remuneration of those workers who end up working remotely.

Many may think that telecommuting is much more comfortable and that most computer scientists and programmers prefer this mode. However, along with the aforementioned salary studies, it is also interesting to know that one in three remote workers in the sector would be willing to return to the office and work in person. Of course, to this change should be added greater security for the job and a salary increase for the face-to-face position.

With everything and with it, both remote and face-to-face workers consider that their salary is below the current increase in inflation . This means that the prices of everything have risen substantially, something that has not happened with the salaries of the majority. This is something that is not only appreciated in the technology sector, as you can imagine.