Want to make money with YouTube? Avoid doing this, or you’ll have to start from scratch

Over time, the Internet has opened up a huge number of outlets for us when looking for a business model. Of course, this does not mean that it is easy to make a living on one of the many platforms available here. We find a clear example when it comes to becoming content creators on YouTube.

In fact, as we have been able to see lately among the youngest, becoming a streamer or youtuber is one of their main goals. However, it must be valued and taken into consideration that this is not at all easy, especially with the enormous competition that exists at the moment. But it may be the case that we give a series of interesting content and also do it in such a way that we draw the attention of the rest.

make money with YouTube

In this way and over time we may begin to gain subscribers and monetize our YouTube channel. As we told you, this is a goal of many young people who currently want to enter this world of streaming. But of course, once we have come this far, it will also be important for us to keep going. And it is that as we have been able to verify in many cases in recent times, there are several reasons why they can close the channel. This would mean that we would have to start over from scratch, which hardly anyone wants.

Next, we will talk about some movements that you should avoid at all costs so that your YouTube account is not closed.

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Avoid Spam on YouTube

Obviously the content that we publish on our channel on the video platform is the most important element. Thus, we must take special care with everything that we make available to the rest. Of course, using or publishing various elements related to spam or trying to deceive other users is not at all well seen. It could be said that this is one of the main reasons why the channel could be closed to us and we would stop obtaining monetary benefits.

Do not post sensitive content

As the heads of the streaming portal let us know, one of its main tasks is to protect its visitors. In fact, this is something that is especially evident with minors. Once we know this, we must avoid at all costs those contents related to sex, nudity and self- harm . This is another important reason that could lead us to lose our account. The same goes for hate speech, abusive behavior, or explicit violence.

Promote misinformation on YouTube

We are at a time when the fight against fake news and misinformation on the internet is to be avoided at all costs. Hence, videos posted with false or misleading content that pose a certain risk to some users are prohibited. This includes misinformation that can cause harm to people such as promotions or harmful treatments.

Beware of Copyright

We tend to create our content that we will later publish on the video web in any environment. But we must take into account the copyright or copyright of everything that appears in them. For example, we can lose the monetization of a publication in the event that copyrighted music appears, even if it is in the background.

And to finish we will tell you that we must also avoid at all costs everything that can lead us to hatred on the part of our visitors to our channel. The continuous denunciations towards the published contents that can be generated by those contents can have disastrous results for our account.