How to use Tinder without anyone catching you

If you’re dating or meeting other people on Tinder, one of your biggest concerns when using this service is that you don’t want people you know or your friends to know that you’re using it .

Yes, it is true that if they see you it is because they are there too , but it may not be a tasteful dish for you to have them discuss your situation, talk about what you say in your profile or meet someone there that you do not want to see even in paintwork. You also might not want them to find out something about you that you don’t want them to know, like your age, sexual orientation, lying on this type of app, or what you just don’t want them to know.

use Tinder without anyone catching you

There are many reasons why you might want to hide on Tinder so that no one finds out you’re there or you don’t get contacted from the app at certain times, so here’s how you can easily do it without misrepresenting your identity.

Activate the ‘invisible’ mode

Although you can activate the incognito mode in the app , and it is completely safe, the downside of this is that you can only activate it with a Tinder Gold subscription . However, there is something you can do to see other people without them seeing you and without having to pay for it.

The steps to hide yourself for free are these:

  1. open tinder
  2. Go to Settings (nut on the top right)
  3. Scroll down the menu until you get to Don’t show me on Tinder
  4. Your profile will no longer be seen, although you can continue to see your matches


Remember that if you do this, you won’t be able to see other people’s listings. You can only discover new people by clicking on ‘Activate Discovery’ or in the settings in the message that says Show me on Tinder. If you do it, you will stop being invisible, so you can take the opportunity to do it at times when you think they won’t see you or when it is better for you to look for new people. You can make yourself invisible or visible as you like.

With this, you will not 100% prevent someone from finding you by chance that you do not want to be discovered because there is a small margin in which they can access your profile, even if it is very remote, if they do so when you have stopped showing yourself invisible. But you reduce the possibilities quite a bit. Obviously, since your goal is to meet people, in this case you will have to ‘play’ with this setting.

Don’t forget to remove the Online status . If you go down a bit on the screen you will find it. Just open the section and uncheck the option so they don’t see you online if you’ve connected in the last two hours.

Block your friends and don’t worry

But you can still do something better, which is prevent your friends from seeing you, and it’s super simple:

  1. Open Tinder and click on the Settings of the app
  2. Scroll down the screen until you reach Block contacts
  3. Confirm that this is what you want to do
  4. Give permission to the app to access your mobile contacts
  5. Choose the contact
  6. Click on Block 1 contact
  7. You can mark several contacts or all at once just by marking them and then clicking on block


If you want to block someone who is not in your contacts , in the Block contacts option, click on the Add contact option that you will see in the upper right part of the page and fill in the information requested. Later, press OK and you will have this person ready to block. It is a very practical option so that contacts that you have deleted do not spy on you, such as your ex or someone you no longer get along with.