How to Update the Operating System of a Mac

It is extremely important to keep the Mac fully updated to the latest version of the operating system available. In addition to including visual innovations, they also improve the stability, performance and safety of the equipment. If you are new to the Mac world, you probably don’t know how to perform this update process and in this article we explain how to do it.


Update the macOS Mojave operating system onwards

If you are on macOS Mojave or higher , the way you update your Mac changed a lot compared to previous versions of the operating system. From this moment on , a dedicated section was included in the System Preferences of our computer. Specifically we must follow the following steps to update the Mac in this case:

  1. Access System Preferences on Mac, and click on the ‘Software update’ section found in the third line of options.
    actualizar macOS
  2. At the time of access you will start looking for a new update, although we can force this search by clicking on ‘Command + R’ . When an update pops up, we must click on ‘Update now’ or on ‘More information’ to see the update notes of this new software version.

In this same tab we will find both macOS updates like Safari, iTunes, Books, Messages … Also at the bottom we can check the option ‘Keep my Mac updated’ so that these updates are installed automatically as soon as they are available.

If you are in macOS High Sierra or earlier so you can update

In older versions of the operating system such as macOS High Sierra, Sierra or Capitan, the updates are in the Mac App Store. These are downloaded as if it were an update of a normal operating system application. Specifically, we must follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Mac App Store.
  2. At the top click on the ‘Updates’ tab.
  3. If an update is available, it will appear on this tab and we will simply have to click on ‘Update’ to start downloading it and then it will be installed.

actualizar macOS

As you can see, the system of updating a Mac is extremely simple and that is why there is no excuse for not having a computer updated to the latest version available. If you want to check the version of the operating system that you have right now on your computer, you can check it by clicking on the ‘Apple’ menu in the upper right corner and then clicking on ‘About this Mac’. Here we consult this information that can be so valuable.