How to Avoid Word Length Issues with Social Media Posts: Word Counter

Social media is not only a chatting or communication platform anymore. It is being used for interaction with customers, discussing business promotions and several other purposes. A post on Facebook may help you in connecting with partners as well as potential buyers. Can the post have any variation in terms of length?

The definite answer to this question is no. The number of words of a post determines the interest level. A post that has a length of 100 words may be read by more people than one which is double the length. At times, there are restrictions on the maximum word count you can reach. In such cases, you need to keep checking the limit so that rectifications do not have to be made before submission. How can you keep a check on the word count without shifting concentration? A good word counting application solves these problems in a confirmed manner.


Correct word count helps in determining readability time

Too lengthy content is a turn off for most readers. People do not want to spend a lot of time on reading information. Before publishing a post, it is important to get an idea about the time factor. If the word count is too much, a lot of people viewing the post will ignore it. Other than that, at times, writers check the content length when they are done with the writing work. This is a problem because if the word count is more than required, it becomes hard to reduce it. Checking the count of words manually consumes time and can be hard to manage for social media professionals. Using a word counter is much faster and works well.

An accurate word count and the impacts it has

Whether you are creating a social media post or a blog for a simple website, producing the correct word count is critical. Some domains are more descriptive. For instance, if you writing a blog on marketing methodologies, it may be descriptive. However, this is not the case with every topic and things differ. For instance, if you are writing a blog on the initial promotion of a particular product, it would have to be more crisp. Therefore, the word length would be shorter in this case.

For meeting diverse content length requirements, it is better to use an automated method for word counting purposes. Thus, a word counter helps because it produces the correct number of words. It can be used to check the word count for different purposes of writing. If you want to write a blog, social media article or content section, use this free technological option to count the words.

No need to rectify word length

Writing something means that you have to use a set of thoughts. It is not random selection of phrases and sentences to complete the word limit. People would not pay attention to something that does not have a good flow. This problem occurs when the word length is less than the minimum and more than the maximum range.

The word counting tool helps you in keeping a check without stopping the actual process of writing. It can be bizarre to stop the actual writing cycle and select the text to determine word count. This tool produces the accurate results and can be used right before the submission has to be done.

People would be inclined to read your post

A post with correct word length automatically attracts a lot of readers. This is because there is proper flow in the content. Readers do not lose interest at any stage. At times, a social media post is divided into multiple sections and each of them has a different word count. Thus, the task of using the correct word count becomes even more challenging for the writer. In such cases, he can use a good online tool. Once a section is completed, use the tool to check the words. If there are any changes needed, they can do that prior to submission.

Zero minutes of time wastage

Considering the pressure of deadlines that social media writers face, it is recommended for them to put their time to the best possible use. Counting the number of words is not optimizing time consumption. You can easily make your submissions on time by using an automated tool to determine word count.

Time is a critical factor for social media writers as they are usually connected with digital campaigns. A brand may want a post to be published before a particular date with a certain word count. Thus, if the post is delayed or the incorrect word count is submitted, it would be challenging to get the attention of potential readers. This tool is helpful because it saves time.  Writers can pay attention to the content coverage and word count can be performed at the end.


It is important to have the appropriate word count when you are working on a social media post. Why do you need to count the words in each line and add them to see whether the post word length is appropriate or not? There is absolutely no reason to do this when an online counter can complete the goal in a better way.

How do word counters work and what makes them so effective? Each tool has a purpose behind it. If you are using one, it should serve the desired purpose. Word counting tools do not have any difficulties connected to them. Instead of going through the daunting goal of manual counting, simply spend few seconds are you are good to go.

You can use these tools by opening them in your browser. Unlike offline applications, they do not have to be installed on the device memory. This saves users from the hassle of developing an environment before using the tool. Although there are several online tools to select from, users should check and select the best one out.