How to Unregister a Device with Alexa and Why It Matters

When you buy an Amazon Echo or any other device compatible with Alexa, the first thing you should do is link it to your user account . However, when you let go of it, do you know what to do? Well, let’s see it, because it is important.

Alexa and device registration

Unregister a Device with Alexa

To use and fully enjoy any device compatible with Alexa, from your own Amazon Echo to those of other manufacturers, it is essential to link it to your account . Only in this way will you be able to take advantage of the full potential of the voice assistant when using it with other connected devices you have, with its different available skills and many other things.

This process is very simple, it basically consists of downloading the Alexa application on your mobile device and starting the configuration process so that you can detect and link it.

If the device you are going to configure is an Amazon Echo, you can still simplify a lot more. Amazon offers the possibility of sending it already associated with the user account that buys it. So up to here everything is correct.

With your speaker perfectly linked, you can start using it however you want. But what happens if you are going to get rid of it, since you must delete your account. If not and you have active services that allow you to make purchases, you could have problems. In addition to that they could also have access to certain personal data that your speaker accesses.

Therefore, it is important that you delete your account. The problem is that without being a complicated process, not everyone knows what it is like. So let’s see step by step how to delete an account from a device compatible with Alexa.

How to delete your Amazon account from a device with Alexa

When it comes to deleting an Amazon account from any device with Alexa , all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you should do is access the Amazon website, the section that allows managing content and devices ( )
  2. Login with your Amazon account
  3. In the Devices session click
  4. Now look for the Actions button and after pressing click Cancel registration

Once you have clicked on unregister the device will be completely unlinked from your Amazon account . This will allow you to remove all the content from the device and many of its features will also be disabled, which is what you want to avoid possible privacy problems or access to other connected devices without permission.

Thanks to this, you will also allow another user or yourself to register the device again, but with another Amazon account. Ideal if you plan to give it away or sell it to another user for whatever reason, because you have upgraded to a new Amazon Echo or any other gadget that includes Alexa.

You can also unregister a device from the Alexa smartphone app itself. You just have to access it, then find the device you want to delete, access it and go down to the end to see who it is registered for and to be able to cancel it.