IKEA Introduces the Use of Scenes through Its Home Smart Application

IKEA Introduces the Use of Scenes

IKEA released a new software update for its connected devices, in particular for its IKEA Tradfri Gateway control bridge. Thanks to it, from now on all users who have their products will be able to enjoy using the scenes. This function already exists in other platforms and allows controlling several devices at the same time, thus improving the user experience.

IKEA adds support for scenes in its Smart Home application

IKEA has been betting on the connected home for a long time. They began offering an intelligent lighting system, where its great value was in a very competitive price and a very attractive quality seeing what other competitors offered, and continued with another series of devices that add value to the home. Thus, today, along with various sensors and switches we also have Symfonisk connected speakers that are created in collaboration with Sonos or blinds that are raised and lowered automatically.

The big problem is that, despite being one of the most attractive home automation options on the market, the development of their software is what weighs them down the most compared to their competitors. They already took a long time to add compatibility with HomeKit or in this that seems basic on other platforms: the use of scenes.

Luckily the wait is over. Through its latest software update, version 1.12.31 , users with the IKEA Tradfri Gateway can now take advantage of these scenes to control each and every IKEA device they have at home. Thus, for example, they can create scenes to carry out actions as varied as turning off all the lights and lowering the curtains when they go to sleep or changing the color and intensity of the lights if they want to watch a movie.

Altavoz IKEA Sonos Symfonisk

All these possibilities can be configured from the IKEA Home Smart application itself, the application for iOS and Android mobile devices. Once done, you can run them through the touch controls or using the new physical buttons that are also launched now.

These buttons, which we could see months ago, arrive to facilitate and accelerate the activation of these scenes with a press on a physical device. Which is interesting so that anyone in the house can enjoy them without having the device with the app where they were created. The new buttons are not on sale yet and it remains to be known what the final price will be, but it is estimated that they could cost between 7.99 and 9.99 euros each.

IKEA and your connected home

With IKEA’s new update for its Smart Home app, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to the connected home. However, as we have said, they need to be more agile when it comes to including new features and options. Because it is true that the current pandemic and working from home will have conditioned the deadlines, but if you want to be attractive to more advanced users, you should offer a little more.