How to Tame Velociraptors and Dinosaurs in Fortnite

After seeing some eggs scattered around the island, and seeing that the Sneaky Feud bears an incredible resemblance to Jurassic Park, it was expected that the dinosaurs would appear at any moment on the island of Fortnite. And the first to arrive (because surely some will appear), are the velociraptors.

Velociraptors in Fortnite

Tame Velociraptors and Dinosaurs in Fortnite

These famous dinosaurs are roaming freely in the grasslands of some areas of the island, and it is most likely that as soon as they see you they will attack you to end your life. The good news is that, if you manage to kill them, they will leave a large amount of bones that will help you improve the primitive weapons that you carry with you, although just as we could tame wolves and wild boars, you can also do the same with velociraptors so that you accompany on your route and attack the rivals that cross your path.

Fast and voracious

Velociraptors dinosaurs Fortnite

True to their instincts, the velociraptors that you will encounter in the game are fiercely fast and very dangerous. You better be well armed when you come across them, as a couple of claws are enough to kill your energy bar and send you to the other world. You just have to take a look at the following video to see that it will be better to have something other than your character’s peak.

If you are thinking of finishing the game in cooperative mode with an animal from the island, right now the best plan is to get the services of a velociraptor. To get the animal to follow your path and not attack you, you must do the following:

With the hunter’s cape

Fortnite hunter cape

  • The easiest way to tame a velociraptor is to get the hunter’s cloak so that the animal does not attack you at any time.
  • You should bear in mind that when the velociraptor is already attacking another user, it could also attack you whether you wear the cape or not, so you better find one that is grazing calmly.
  • Approach slowly and press the tame button when it appears on the screen.

Offering him meat

  • The other option is to feed him, and for this you will have to bring him meat. Get meat by killing a wolf, a wild boar or a chicken.
  • When you throw the meat close to him, get closer and press the tame button when it appears on the screen.

With either of the two options you can get the services of this powerful and fast animal, so it could be a very interesting strategy to carry out in your game.

Too early for dinosaurs?

The rumor of the supposed appearance of the dinosaurs was something that had been sounding since the arrival of Season 6, but with only two weeks since it began, the first dinosaurs are already here, so taking into account that the season ends on 7 June, it is clear that there are still many surprises in the form of new and spooky creatures to discover. Does anyone bet on a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Hopefully we will see it.