GPS and Position Problems on Xiaomi Phones: How to Fix it

With the great expansion that mobile phones have undergone, it is becoming more and more common to use them as if they were a real GPS and if at any time we encounter positioning problems , we may be in serious trouble. Several Xiaomi phones have been affected by this error, where the position is not correct or it is not even possible to connect, although there are solutions.

This problem has affected older or newer models, which use both MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 . To solve it we can follow these steps, regardless of the version of the penalty layer or the Android version at the expense of knowing more mobiles that will receive Android 11.

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Activate the high precision GPS position on Xiaomi

The first thing to keep in mind when we have GPS positioning problems on Xiaomi phones is the type of configuration we have made. Within the Settings> Additional settings> Privacy> Location section, we have access to different configuration modes. It is useful to use the energy saving mode or only device in specific cases, worse luckily in Xiaomi the system is well optimized to always have high precision mode activated .

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Applications will only use high-precision GPS when necessary , for example on Google Maps when opening it or on social networks to share the location of our publication. At other times the system will be able to deactivate it and when using battery saving, this space will also change automatically.

Having problems in specific applications?

It is probable that the error is not found in a general way and only Google Maps or another of the applications that need GPS is the one that gives us the error. To solve this, we will have to follow the following path: Settings> Installed applications> Google Maps or the application with problems> Application permissions. In this section we can check if we have the permissions granted regarding the GPS and do it in case it is not. Without this permission, it will be impossible for our mobile to locate us correctly.

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Another possible solution in specific cases

The following solution is not highly recommended, because it could affect the battery of our mobile. It is a way to force the GPS to work with applications that continue to give us problems. To configure it, we have to use one of the tricks in the Xiaomi security application where we are going to click on the “Battery and performance” option and then select the “Battery saving in applications” option.

bateria GPS aplicaciones xiaomi

Within each of these apps that appear, we can touch to change the option of the battery saver to the mode without restrictions . Although as we said previously, it will significantly affect battery consumption.

Repair the GPS of your Xiaomi mobile

If after having tried all the solutions that we have given you, none have been able to solve the problem, we choose to delete and reinstall all the data that the location system of our mobile phone needs. We will do this in the simplest way, from an application that takes care of everything for us. All we have to do is install the GPS Reset application from Google Play and open it.

reiniciar GPS

Then we will only have to enter GPS utilities and touch the central button. Once you have deleted all the data, you will reinstall them to recover the best results in the GPS of our Xiaomi. The app will also help us to know the signal we have, in case the problem is related to our position.