How to Speed up the Performance of a Sony Xperia Mobile

The performance of our phones is something that mobile phone users often worry about a lot. And this is because it depends on our having a good experience with the terminal. Just noticing that something is not going well says a lot that we are aware of it. And to improve it in your Xperia you can pull this native function.

Speed up the Performance of a Sony Xperia Mobile

The performance of a phone depends on many factors, and it is sometimes difficult to handle, but many manufacturers introduce tools to their terminals to make this performance control easier for all users.

Accelerate the performance of your Sony Xperia

To accelerate the performance of an Xperia phone, we can choose many options, many tricks that will help us make everything go more fluid. But these settings usually always tilt on a pair of axes. One is the RAM memory of the phone , which we must keep free to handle a large number of apps, and on the other hand the processes in the background.

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These factors are the ones that directly influence whether our phone is more or less fluid when we move through its menus or when we need to run apps. And that’s where the third-party apps that we install on our mobiles and that specialize in improving performance usually work. It is precisely one of those functions that Xperia phones have, to accelerate performance by optimizing the use of those key aspects of the phone.

How is this tool activated?

Well it is very simple, because it is a native setting of Sony Xperia phones . It is something that is integrated into its settings and that helps us enjoy better performance. For this we must do the following:

  • Access your Xperia settings
  • Click on “Xperia Assist”
  • Enter Smart Cleaner
  • Activate the function

What this function does once we activate it is to use artificial intelligence to be able to analyze how we use our phone. Based on this information, the phone, such as the analysis of the RAM memory and the storage of the terminal , the phone will be able to improve its performance at all times, optimizing it to be much more efficient.

What the phone will basically do is prioritize the processes in the foreground by sacrificing others in the background that we are not using or normally do not use. By freeing up that RAM and storage, everything goes much more fluid on the phone. Although, as is usual in these functionalities, it is possible that some apps do not work correctly .