How to Use Mobile as a Remote Control for Smart TV

Surely you already know that you can perform many functions with your smart TV. From managing it through voice commands, watching series and movies through streaming services, playing games, sharing content on the screen from other devices and a long etcetera. Lots of extra features that expand the capabilities of your TV, but what happens if you lose the remote control? Quiet because something so “prehistoric” is not going to stop us. We explain how you can replace the controller of your Smart TV with your own mobile phone .

Details to know to forget about the Smart TV remote

Use Your Mobile as a Remote Control for Your Smart TV

That’s right, nowadays we don’t need the control of any smart TV since, with a simple application, we can do absolutely the same (even more) than with the controller itself. But of course, we must take into account certain details to choose the correct app for each situation:

  • Operating system : depending on the operating system that our Smart TV has, we will have to install one or the other. Normally, the most standardized system is Android TV , present on the screens of manufacturers such as Sony, Xiaomi, Philips and some others. But of course, other manufacturers have their own systems like Samsung, with Tizen, or LG, with WebOS . This is a detail that is clearly reflected in the packaging or advertisements for the sale of smart TVs. But, if you still have doubts about which system your current TV has, through the settings you will find what is known as “device information” where this will be reflected.
  • Official applications : although there are other alternatives that we will now see, many manufacturers develop their own official apps to manage their screens. This information can be found when starting our TV for the first time, or in its own instruction manual.
  • Smartphone : more than the model of our phone, we must take into account its operating system . Some apps are not compatible with iOS, the Apple phone system, and some are not on Android.

Televisions and devices with Android TV

Now that you know the details to take into account before choosing one or another application to manage your television, let’s see the different alternatives that you can have starting with those televisions and devices with Android TV .

Philips Models

Philips TV Remote 2.0 is the manufacturer’s official app for your screens. With it we will be able to control the channel change, the volume, the programmable buttons, start applications from the TV itself, easily enter texts or even operate the Philips Ambilight system . This app is available for both Android and iOS devices .

Sony Models

In the case of Sony Smart TVs, we have the Video & TV SideView: Remote application . An app with which we will carry out any action as with the command itself and, in addition, we will have access to the My library tab in which the different multimedia contents stored on the device are listed. It is important that both the phone and the TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as indicated by the manufacturer itself. In this case, we will only have an official app for Android devices.


Panasonic displays also have their own app that the developers originally called Viera remote 2 , although on both iOS and Android it also has the name Panasonic TV Remote 2 . This is perhaps one of the most complete official options in this entire list, since not only can we use it as a remote control with all its functions, but we will also have access to turn it into a GamePad, a keyboard, use the web browser, perform screen calibration tasks in a sub category, etc.


Hisense is another of the manufacturers that aims to develop their own apps for their televisions. RemoteNOW is your bet, which we can find on both Android and iOS devices . This, in addition to having the normal functions of a controller, will allow us to interact through voice commands (in some countries, not all), shows a catalog of apps installed on the TV, allows us to send the content from the mobile quickly and It will facilitate the input of text to interact with the screen. But, its main drawback is that it is only available for some models from 2018 onwards :

  • Hisense Smart TV 2020: xxUxQF, xxA7xxxF and xxAE7xxxF
  • Hisense Smart TV 2019: HxxOxx, HxxUxx, HxxB7xxx and HxxBE7xxx
  • Hisense Smart TV 2018: HxxU9A, HxxU7A, HxxAE7, HxxAE6xxx and HxxA6xxx
Developer: Hisense


Xiaomi has an app, called Mi Remote controller, which allows us to use our phone as a remote control for both its own televisions and its Android TV-based devices. This app works both by Wi-Fi connection and by infrared as long as our smartphone has this possibility. In addition to controlling the aforementioned devices, you can also control other equipment such as other screens from manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony and more, air conditioning, set top box, DVD player, projector, A / V receiver, camera and a long etcetera. . What is your handicap? That we will only find it on Android devices.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

On the other hand, if you have used an Amazon Fire TV Stick to turn any screen into a smart TV and, unfortunately, you have lost the controller, don’t worry because you can also use your smartphone in this case. The app you need is the Amazon Fire TV app, available for both Android and iOS . From it you will be able to do any of the functions of the remote control, even more.

Universal apps

Having seen all the official applications for devices with Android TV, let’s see those that will serve as a universal remote control on our phone . Keep in mind that they will not only be useful for computers with the Google system, but we can also apply them for other systems such as Samsung or LG , for example.

  • Android TV Remote Control : This is the most popular option for devices with For televisions with Android TV since, according to Google, it is compatible with most Smart TVs on the market. Available for both Android and iPhone phones.
Developer: Google LLC

  • SURE Universal Remote : is another very popular application in the sector. The benefits that this brings is that not only does it promise to work with most televisions with Android TV, Tizen and WebOS , but we can also handle an Apple TV, and other equipment such as air conditioners, decoders, etc. Another interesting aspect is that, in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, it is also compatible with sending infrared if our phone has this possibility. Once again, we will have it available for both Android and iOS .

LG Smart TV

ave their own operating systems, we have LG with WebOS . They have developed a proprietary application for their smart TVs under the name LG TV Plus . This app allows us to enjoy all those functionalities that we had with the remote controller and, in addition, it facilitates the sending of content, such as photos and videos, from the phone to the screen to view them here.

This app has been available since 2014 and is compatible with a wide range of televisions from this manufacturer. Models that you can consult in the same descriptions before downloading the app on both Android and iOS .

Samsung TVs

Samsung , on the other hand, has the Tizen system and its official Samsung Smart View app so far. The problem with this app is that it will stop providing service from October 5 of this year. Therefore, if you want to continue using your phone as a remote controller, you will have to download the SmartThings app . The latter will also allow us to control different technological equipment from the same manufacturer. Both applications are available on both Android and iOS .

Apple tv

Apple TV

Finally, if you have a smart TV thanks to the use of an Apple TV , also the possibility of operating it through your phone with its official Apple TV Remote app. Of course, as long as it is an iPhone . Remember that you can use any of the universal apps to control it from Android.

Developer: Apple