Access the Warranty Information for Your Motorola Mobile

Buying a phone is one of the main investments that we can make every two or three years, always depending on the budget of each one and the size of it. But in all cases regardless of what we have spent, we have the same warranty period, at least legally. In the case of Motorola they are not less of course.

Warranty Information for Your Motorola Mobile

It is something that has happened to many of us, we have a problem with the mobile, but we are not sure if the phone is still under warranty, because we do not remember exactly the day we bought it, and if we do, we are not sure of the conditions of the warranty of our manufacturer, in a Motorola mobile there are no such problems, because the information is transparent in this case.

How can we find out the warranty of the phone?

Not all mobiles have a specific section for the guarantee. Not all manufacturers give the same importance to this aspect of the terminal, which for users is vital to know. But if you have a Motorola mobile, you are in luck, because it is very easy to know if our phone is still with it active or if it is not. To do this, we must go to a native function of the phone, which provides us with the necessary information to check what the warranty of the phone is, basically if it is active. It is something that we have integrated into the settings of the brand’s mobiles, thanks to an app from Motorola itself.

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This is something that we can find out thanks to the phone’s native app called ” Device Help ” where different aspects of the terminal are shown, from an option to free up space to the possibility of making a comprehensive diagnosis of your hardware. Well, the function that helps us know if the phone is under warranty is “Moto Care” that we can activate like this.

  • Access the application drawer of your Motorola
  • Open the “Device Help” app
  • Click on “Moto Care”

Now you will see a screen that shows the name of the phone, the version of the operating system, the storage it has, and for a few seconds a progress bar, which tells us that the status of the phone’s warranty is being checked . Here after those seconds it will appear if the phone is under warranty or not, based on all the information that it supplies to Motorola’s servers, thanks to the phone’s serial number. Therefore, this is an infallible method to know if our phone is still under warranty, and if it is still possible to make it effective.