How to Solve Problems with Calls on Android Mobiles

One of the main uses of mobile devices is to be able to both do and receive them, but sometimes this is impossible due to a number of problems . Whether we are users who use the terminal frequently to call or if we only make some sporadically, it may be the case that we do not have the possibility to call or receive them without a clear reason, such as not having coverage.

The causes that can lead to this problem, the fact that we cannot make or receive calls or that they cannot hear us during it, can be several. For this reason, we will explain different common solutions that we can apply to put an end to this problem, and that will allow us to solve it before thinking that it is due to a hardware failure in the terminal. If this is your problem, or if they just cut off suddenly, these troubleshooting tips can help.

Why can’t I make or receive calls?

There are different reasons which can cause us not to be able to make or receive them on our mobile devices. Therefore, we are going to see the most common possible causes why our terminal is not able to work well. Luckily, in most cases the solution is usually quite easy.

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Check airplane mode

One of the most common points that many users do not take into account when making and receiving them on their mobiles is due to having Airplane Mode activated. And it is that, in most cases, we enable it without realizing it and when we are trying to make a call or wait for an important one, we do not even realize it.

In addition, this mode has a very strict function on our device, since it causes all wireless connections to be deactivated, so we cannot use the mobile network either. So, first of all, it will be necessary to verify that our problem is not due to having this option activated.


It may be due to call forwarding

On other occasions, the culprit may be the diversion since, if we have it activated, and we do not know it, it can cause us not to receive calls directly on our mobile. This usually happens when we change from the professional mobile to the personal one and we forget to deactivate the happy detours. So pay close attention to that detail, and verify that this is not the cause of the problem.

Blocked numbers

If the previous solutions have not helped, since the error persists, it will be necessary to check if this problem only gives us a certain number . In the event that it only happens to us with a specific number, it may be because they have blocked us or that we have blocked them without realizing it. If we have been the one who has blocked a certain user, do not worry, because we can unblock it again and easily.

We will only have to open the app that ensures that we can do this function in our terminal and look for the contact in question. Once we have found it, we will have to hold down and select Unblock / Delete from the blocked list .

What if all else fails?

After learning about some of the most common solutions and problems, it is time to discover the last alternatives that we can try before putting ourselves in the worst case, such as a hardware failure.

Remove the SIM from the mobile

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Another step that we must take into account is that it may be because of our SIM . Believe it or not, it is possible that, after a fall, no matter how soft it may seem, it could have been the culprit that the SIM card has moved out of place. In this case, we must turn off the mobile device to remove the SIM card and check that everything is fine.

After this, we will place it again while the phone restarts, we enter the PIN and we will verify that the coverage is correct. So then we should be able to do it without any problem.

Restart the mobile

One of the causes that many times we do not take into account is that mobile phones can go weeks or even months without restarting or shutting down. So it is advisable to do it on occasion in order to improve the performance of our mobile device. And, believe it or not, this little trick could be the one that saves us from this annoying error. So try doing one after restarting the mobile to see if we have managed to solve the problem.

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Clear the call cache

When the memory capacity of this app reaches its maximum it can be a big problem, although many users are completely unaware of it. This causes the app in question to start not working the way it should, because in order to have this function in our terminals, it is necessary to have this application in the operating system. So we recommend you to free the cache of said app, and you will not have to worry about the history or the contacts, since they will not be erased.

Use Wi-Fi as an alternative to make calls

One of the alternatives that can solve our lives and be able to make them to any number or contact on our agenda will be thanks to Wi-Fi . In addition, they offer us different advantages over traditional calls because you will not need mobile coverage, but a Wi-Fi connection.

Likewise, the communication will be stable and with good quality, enough to be able to do them anywhere without having to be aware of whether or not we will have coverage with sufficient coverage to carry it out. So we can make or receive them anywhere as long as we have a Wi-Fi connection. And as we mentioned earlier, we can call any phone number we want using this connection. Therefore, in order to activate it we must access Settings > Connections > and activate Wi-Fi Calling . Although, we have to bear in mind that our mobile device must be compatible with this type.