How to See PC Performance: Better Tools

Every day thousands of products assembled in series leave the factories and that are exactly the same: cars, telephones, computers, televisions … However, the use we make of them will have a direct impact on their efficiency, durability and performance. To find out how we are using our computer and, therefore, how we can improve, we bring you this list of programs to monitor PC performance , as well as its resources.

Windows natively includes two options to analyze the functioning of our computer: the task manager and the resource monitor. Ctrl + Alt + Del is one of the most popular and widely used keyboard shortcuts. This combination takes us to the task manager that we normally use to close a computer program that is blocking our work. However, its functions go further and also offers us basic information about the resources that open programs and the computer are using. If we want additional information, we have the resource monitor at our disposal.

How to See PC Performance: Better Tools

If we want to obtain additional data or we want it to be displayed in another way, today we bring you a list of programs that will help you detect and diagnose problems on your PC. Thanks to this you can really enjoy the machine that you bought at the time.

AIDA64 Extreme, a wealth of information

This program offers us information on each active process, as well as on other situations that occur within our computer, such as temperature, fan operation or energy consumption. It is also ready to view the status of other connected devices such as monitors, mobiles or tablets.

AIDA64 Extreme is a good choice for computer users who opt for ” overclocking “. By transmitting the information in real time, its diagnostic options are able to detect and prevent hardware problems.

AID64 Extreme intefaz

The company Finalware offers the user a trial version for 30 days. The functionality throughout this period is not complete and all the available data may not be displayed. The price of the license, suitable for three computers, is $ 39.95.

If you are interested in testing your computer with this program, download your evaluation copy here .

Speccy, CCleaner’s brother

Those who are interested in CCleaner applications will like to know that they can monitor the operation of their PC with a computer program from that environment. As usual with CCleaner, the free option offers a large part of the program’s functions.

Speccy interfaz

Speecy is unique because it offers reports on the operation of each component of our computer. The information is shown condensed in its interface but there is more data available to the user. We also highlight that the results of the analysis can be exported as an image, XML or TXT file.

You have your free copy waiting for you at the following link .

Wise System Monitor, simplified information

The main advantage of Wise System Monitor is the clarity with which it shows its data, although it is true that it is not much more than that offered by the system administrator. This results in a very low consumption of resources and in full compatibility with any version of Windows from Windows XP

WiseSystemMonitor interfaz

In addition to informing us about open programs and the status of the hardware, it lets us know the internal temperature of the computer and its most important components: the motherboard, the CPU, the graphics card and the hard disk.

You can get your free copy at the following link .

FreeMeter, what you need and a little more

FreeMeter offers the information you need to monitor your computer for free. You can choose to access it whenever you want or configure it to start when you start your PC. The data it provides focuses on the performance of the CPU, RAM and hard disk. However, it supports certain configuration of both the interface and the source of the data that is displayed through it.

FreeMeter interfaz

Get it by opening the link .

Rainmeter, little data and on your desktop

This free and open source computer program offers very little information about the use of your computer’s resources . However, since it is open, you will be able to modify it and take advantage of proposals from other users that bring it closer to the previous programs.

Rainmeter interfaz

Its main advantage is that it shows the data available directly on the desktop and allows you to add other data such as outside temperature, calendar, clock, internet speed and Google searches.

If you want to download it, visit their website .

TaskbarMeters, the three basic measurements

For users who love the basics and free and open source programs, we bring this surprising option for its minimalism. Compared to other alternatives that gave us a large amount of data, TaskbarMeters only informs us of the percentage of use of the CPU , RAM and disk on which the operating system is installed.

TaskbasMeters interfaz

The configuration options are not very extensive either. We can adjust the frequency of the update and change the colors designated for each indicator.

Visit his page on GitHub and get your copy of this program.

Process Explorer, Microsoft’s advanced option

Created by SysInternals and later bought by Microsoft, this software goes a bit beyond the task manager and the resource monitor. Starting from the data offered by both, it allows us to see the consumption of resources and detect which file in particular is damaging the performance of our computer. You also have the possibility to reconfigure the user interface to show all DLLs loaded at that moment and show if any are slowing down our machine.

Process Explorer

Get ahead with this Microsoft program by visiting its official download website .

TinyResMeter, small and free

The main advantage of this free program is that it shows the basic information in the initial interface, but it greatly expands it if, with the right button, we click on any of its fields. Monitoring our PC is very simple since, being so small, it takes up very little disk space and hardly consumes resources. Also, it is portable.

TinyResMeter interfaz

If you are interested in very reduced programs, download it on their page .

Moo0 System Monitor, basic information on your desktop

The virtue of this program is that, in a quick and visual way, it offers information on 43 variables from the CPU, RAM memory and the use of the network and hard drives. You can choose to change the interface color between the three options offered: white, light brown and black.

Moo0 System Monitor is very light and consumes very few resources to operate. The company Moo0 has made available to the user both an installable and a portable version. Both are free, although they allow donations.

Moo0 System Monitor Interfaz

You can choose one of the two by clicking on the link .

Analyze only one variable with these programs

There are users who want to know what is happening on their computer but who do not want to manage a large amount of information and, if they want, they prefer it to be from specific parts of their PC. For them we bring a series of programs that pay attention to certain components.

Core temp, the thermometer of your CPU

If you are interested in finding out the internal temperature of the CPU, this is going to become your computer program of choice. With an old design, but that contains all the information, you will be able to be informed of the temperature of your CPU and, in addition, of the minimum and maximum levels that allow its use safely.

CoreTemp interfaz

Take the temperature of your PC by visiting its main page .

CrystalDiskInfo, centered on your hard drive

The above programs focus on monitoring your computer, but what makes CrystalDiskInfo remarkable is that it analyzes both internal and external hard drives and USB sticks. The information you offer us in this regard is very extensive and includes SMART and AAM / APM control. Another peculiarity of this option is that, in case something goes wrong, it sends us email alerts and notifications on the desktop.

CrystalDiskInfo interfaz

Visit the link and analyze your hard drive.