What Can You Do with a Home Server

Today we have a wide range of possibilities to store our files. We can do it on physical devices and also in the cloud. Sometimes it is interesting to have everything on the network to be able to use it anywhere. We can opt for the cloud, use one of the many services we have, but also use our own home server . In this article we are going to talk about it and what uses we can give it.

What is a home server

We can say that a NAS server is a storage device that is connected to the network. This allows us to access it from anywhere, from any device, and to carry out multiple actions.

What Can You Do with a Home Server

It is a very interesting alternative to the different cloud storage services. Ultimately we can achieve greater capacity, have greater control of the files and also avoid security or privacy problems.

It usually acts like a computer, with its own operating system, RAM, and storage. Normally we can also install additional software to get more performance.

Uses of a home server

As we say, a home server or NAS can have multiple uses. We are going to make a compilation of the most interesting for those who are considering whether or not it is worth making this investment.

Store files in the cloud

Undoubtedly one of the most common uses for home servers is to store files . We can keep all kinds of documents, folders and information that we need.

This will allow us, for example, to free up space on our computers. We can pass documents that we have on our computer or mobile to our NAS.

Have access from any device and place

It should also be noted the importance that we will be able to access from any device and place. It does not matter where we are, nor if we are using the mobile or the computer. Simply by having an Internet connection we will be able to access all the files that we have stored.

Create backups

Without a doubt it is another of those important points to use a home server. We can schedule backups automatically or do them manually. This way we can save all our files and avoid problems that compromise our systems, such as ransomware.


A NAS server can also be used for downloads . We do not need to have a computer on, since simply by configuring this type of device we can download torrents or similar files. It is an interesting question that we can take into account to acquire or not this type of product.

Create a media center

Making use of services to play streaming videos is very present in our day to day. There are many platforms that allow us to watch videos or listen to music. Now, an alternative is to create our own multimedia center and have everything available to watch from television or any device.

Web or FTP server

We must also mention the possibility of using it as a web server to host our site, as well as FTP. It is another of those options that home servers allow us.

Own mail server

Many users are looking for ways to constantly improve privacy . Our data on the network is of great value and that means that we must prevent it from being stolen. If we have our own mail server, we will gain privacy. In this way we can have full control over the configuration that interests us the most.

Use your own VPN

One last option offered by a NAS server is to be able to use your own VPN . Having our own VPN allows us to browse in complete security and privacy. We will not depend on external servers and correctly protect our information when entering the network.

In short, these are some options that we can find if we use a home server. It is important that we take into account the range of possibilities that it offers us and decide whether or not it is worth it.