How to See if the Router Works and Troubleshoot Errors

Having problems with the Internet is something that can happen very frequently. We try to surf the net, connect our devices, and we see that some problem occurs and it does not let us. This can be due to very different causes. It may be that our devices are misconfigured, that there is a problem with the operator, that the signal is weak … But it can also be problems with the router . We are going to talk about this in this article.

Am I having router problems?

This is the question that many users ask themselves when they see that they do not have an Internet connection or that it works badly. Is there a problem with the router or is the cause different? We are going to show some basic points that we must check to see where the error is.

See if the Router Works and Troubleshoot Errors

Check other devices

Without a doubt, the first step we can do to see if the problem is in our router or in the device we use is to try another . For example, if we are having problems browsing the Internet with the computer, we can try with a mobile phone or any other device.

In case the problem persists, then we would be facing a generic failure and not of that device. Our router may have a problem and therefore is not working properly.

See the router lights

Another sign that we can always keep in mind is that of lights . Routers usually have a series of informational LEDs to see if the Wi-Fi network is activated, if there are computers connected to the Ethernet ports or if there is access to the network directly.

This will vary depending on our router, but we can look at the indicator lights to see if it is really connected and working properly.

Comprobar las luces del router

Test Wi-Fi and cable

We can also try another connection . If we are connected by cable and have problems, we can choose to test with Wi-Fi. Perhaps the router does not work properly due to a problem with the Ethernet ports that prevents our devices from connecting.

The opposite could be the case and you have a problem with the Wi-Fi network, which cannot offer us a wireless connection correctly.

Access the router

There is no better way to verify that the router is connected and working properly than to log into it. This will vary by device, but is usually via in the address bar. There we will have to put the credentials and keys.

In case we cannot connect to the router, it could mean that it is not working well. It may not be connected, the cable is bad, etc.

Connect to another network

It is another way to rule out that the problem is not with our devices, but with the router. If we connect to another Wi-Fi network and see that it works correctly, then it is not a failure of that computer or mobile; If, on the contrary, we connect to another network and we still do not have access, it means that the fault is in that equipment.

Therefore it is another option that we can keep in mind to verify in a way that our router works or not.

Observe speed

But not always having problems with the router means that we do not have any access to the Internet. Sometimes these problems are reflected in a loss of speed , a decrease in quality or stability.

We can always see the speed that reaches the router and what it offers to our devices. If it is very low we could have problems with the device.

Search for information on the Internet

A final possibility is to search for information on the Internet. Sometimes the problem is with the operator. Simply by doing a search on the web we can find out if there is a generic problem and it is not just our thing.

How to troubleshoot the router

As we have seen there are different methods to know if a router works well. However, there can also be many problems and solutions. We are going to show some options we have to try to make the router work as well as possible.

Restart the router

The first and most basic step is to restart the router . This is something that in many cases solves the most common errors. Sometimes simply by turning off the device we can solve bugs.

Now, you have to restart it correctly. It is not enough to quickly turn the equipment off and on. For it to be done correctly, it must be turned off for at least 30 seconds before turning it on.

Solución a los problemas del router

Keeping equipment updated

Of course, having the router correctly updated can also help to solve problems. It is very important that the drivers are with the latest version available.

Always keep security in mind

Another very important issue is security . If we have our router with a weak access password, if we do not prevent intruders, we could have problems in operation.

For this reason, our advice is to always use adequate encryption, to have passwords that contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols. In this way we will be using really strong keys.

Reset settings

Resetting the router to the factory settings could solve many problems. We may have tried to make a change that has gone wrong or we have touched a feature that now prevents it from working as it should.

Search the Internet for specific errors

An also basic question is to search the Internet for specific errors. It is possible that we have a specific failure in the router that is due to an error. We can search the network for information and see if the same thing happened to another user and we can solve it without much difficulty.

Consult technical support

Finally, something similar to the above but consult technical support . There they will guide us to see what we can do to make our router work correctly again.

In short, these are some of the methods that we can take into account to see if our router works correctly. In case of problems we have seen some basic solutions to try to correct them.