How to Schedule Posts on Instagram

That Instagram is the platform preferred by users today is no surprise. This social network has been crowned as the most used thanks to its ease of use, as well as how simple it is: you bet on the image above the text (such as Twitter). Despite this, it has some secrets that are hidden there and sometimes it is good to discover: how to schedule posts on Instagram.


An app to dominate them all

As with Twitter, Instagram does not allow you to schedule posts natively for any user. This means that it is necessary to have a secondary tool to do this task: Apphi.

Once you have it on your mobile phone or PC (it supports both sites), open it and enter your Instagram data. Remember that with this movement you will be giving your information to the social network, although they are protected.

Within the application, click on "Programming" and see that many options appear. "Gallery" is the most important, since it allows you to program a photo. However, you also have the possibility to program "Stories", "IGTV", etc.


Click on " Gallery " and select a photo from all those that appear. As you will see, the interface is identical to that of the original Instagram, both in the choice of photos and in the filters.

Then you will be asked what text will appear, the perfect hashtag, if you want someone tagged and a long list of options that you may know. Now when you finish comes the important point. Look closely that you will go to a "Programming" menu. You must select the time zone, the time of publication, the day, if the photo will be repeated and so on. You are interested only in the first three fields, and here you decide everything.

When you finish, do not forget to click on “Done” to save your changes. The Instagram post will be scheduled and will jump automatically just when you have established. End to the mystery.

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