Google Docs Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Docs is slowly becoming the most used office software program. The famous search engine has been able to integrate the main requirements of the users very well, not to mention that everything is free and accessible with a simple Google account and Internet connection. If you want to get more out of Google Docs, here are the main keyboard shortcuts.

Google Docs
Google Docs

Control + C: copy to clipboard.
Control + X: cut and save to clipboard.
Control + V: paste in the text.
Control + Shift + V: Paste the plain text.
Control + Z: undo last action.
Control + Y: redo last action.
Control + Alt + C: copy the selected text with formatting.
Control + Alt + V: paste the selected text with formatting.
Control + B: apply bold.
Control + L: apply italic.
Control + U: apply underlined word.
Control + A: select all the text of the document.

More complete

These keyboard combinations that we have brought you are the most important, that is, the ones that you will use most frequently. Now, Google Docs hides many secrets inside, so many that it can overwhelm.

According to the Google Docs website itself, the system has more than 100 possible combinations, such a large number - and almost impossible to learn - that we doubt that you will use any of these combinations.

However, and as we know that you always like to know this type of detail, here is the complete list of combinations in case you want to go even further. Mind you, remember that the shortcuts on Mac change due to keyboard settings, so check it out just in case.

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