How to Restore the Backup on Xiaomi Phones

All of us have ever had problems with some aspect of our mobile and a very simple way to solve them is to return it to the state it had a week or a few days ago, to do this we have the option of restoring the backup in Xiaomi a simple way to restore applications, options and even the desktop layout, something we teach you to complete.

How to Restore the Backup on Xiaomi Phones

Before we can do this, we have to learn how to create backup copies in Xiaomi, a simple process that will allow us to return to the right time or a few days ago if we activate the automatic backup. This option is highly recommended because if it seems like a surprise failure, we can return to the right moment when nothing failed.

Ways to restore backup on Xiaomi

As we saw previously , Xiaomi backups are not unique and we connect with several options. The most interesting without a doubt are the local ones and those made with Mi Cloud, which we are going to teach you how to use. First we have to go into Settings> About the phone> Backup and reset and we start the important steps.

crear copia de seguridad xiaomi

Recover local backups

Where more data and information is stored is in the local backup and therefore it is the one that is recommended to use in case of system failures. We will do this through the following steps:

  • Click on the first option “Local Backup”.
  • Then we will have to enter our security method.
  • In the list we select one of the copies.
  • Later we choose if we want system or applications.
  • Within each section we can mark or unmark the chosen options.

restaurar copia de seguridad local xiaomi

This is especially useful if we only need a specific option or section, such as WiFi. The rest we will not touch and we will not make any changes. Once chosen we put “Ok” and we will return to the backup screen to slide the finger at the bottom and restore the local copy on our Xiaomi mobile. It will be a matter of a few minutes, depending on all the options marked.

Recover My Cloud Backup

While in the backup there are many options and applications stored, the option to restore the copy of Mi Cloud is more limited and only offers us to return the home screen and other previous customization options. It is more like an option to save our designs than actually to solve problems.

copia seguridad mi cloud

In this case we only have to enter “Restore from Xiaomi Cloud” and choose the date of the backup to recover and then complete it in the lower button.