How to fix problems with shortcuts on mobile

Surely it will not be the first time that you use the option to create shortcuts in the home panel of your smartphone from the browser. And it is one of the most common actions that we will have within our reach if we are continuously entering the same website day after day from a mobile device. In this way, we save ourselves from searching for the specific page from the search engine or the different tabs that we have open.

Fix problems with shortcuts on mobile

However, sometimes it may be that a bad configuration, or because of another error, these icons or shortcuts that we have created disappear from our phone . But, there is nothing to worry about, we can always find a method that is not the perfect solution to end this annoyance. And thus, avoid having to continuously create these accesses on the desktop of our mobile device.

Create them without mistakes

The fact of being able to add different shortcuts to web pages from your browser to save you in this way the cumbersome task of entering the full URL of the website in question is a great advantage. Of course, leaving aside the problem that they normally disappear by themselves from the main panel of our phone.

Acceso directo web Google news en Huawei

Many of the pages that we use in our day to day include the function of creating shortcuts to the different websites that we frequently visit so that an icon is displayed on the desktop of our phone.

In this case, we are going to use Google Chrome as an example, which is one of the most used by users who have an Android mobile, but you can use the one you like the most. And it is that, although you did not believe it, perhaps one of the errors that we have not taken into account is that we have not followed the steps well. Although they are really simple, we will explain them below so that you can check if you are doing it well:

  1. Open your browser app on your mobile device.
  2. Access the web page for which you want to create an access directly from the home panel.
  3. Click on the top right on the three dots to see the browser options and select the option ‘ Add to home screen ‘.
  4. With it open, we just have to write the name with which we want to call the shortcut and press ‘Add’.

If these were the steps you normally follow to create them, the problem is not that you put them wrong on your phone, but that the main cause of the failure is something else entirely.

Why do they erase themselves?

Depending on the browser that we usually use, and also depending on which one we have used to create these shortcuts, the truth is that we may find that the error is for one reason or another. For this reason, we will first give you a series of elements that you should take into account, so that later you can solve with the different solutions that we will give you.

A browser crash

Although you think that it only happens to you, the truth is that it could be something generalized, and in this case, the main culprit for deleting the shortcuts from the home panel of the terminal is the browser itself that you are using on your device mobile. Therefore, we recommend that you do the test of creating such access to the web that you want from another search engine. In this way, you can confirm if it is a browser failure or not.


Another of the failures that usually occurs in smartphones when these direct icons that we have created disappear is due to the backup we make on mobile phones. For one reason or another, the backup does not take care of storing these shortcuts, so they will disappear from time to time every time our phone makes a backup.

copia de seguridad

And the fact is that there are not few users who have seen how the same day of the week, in which their phone makes the backup, again suffer the disappearance of these desktop shortcuts . So we recommend that you try to disable the automatic security backup for a while and wait to see if they stop disappearing by themselves.

A bad update

After reviewing the two previous bugs, we may have an ace up our sleeve, and it is the fact that, due to a last update of the browser’s app, this failure has started that causes these to be deleted by themselves icons on the smartphone’s main screen. Therefore, we will have to try to recover the previous version or wait for a new update. For this, we will have to delete the current app and download a previous version safely from APKMirror .

Is it the fault of the mobile?

If the icons keep disappearing by themselves, after having tried all the previous methods, the truth is that the error can come directly from our mobile phone. In order to try to fix this error, the first thing we must do is try to restart the mobile device .

More than anything, because an internal process may have been caught and if we are not one of those users who let their smartphone turn off by itself sometime, this may be the culprit that the icons disappear. So, try restarting it.

If in your case, this problem persists, it will be time to clear the cache and all the browser data that we normally use. To do this, follow these steps:

borrar caché android

  1. We enter the Settings section.
  2. We look for the Applications section.
  3. Then we access the list and locate the app in question.
  4. Inside it, we are going to touch on Storage and Cache.
  5. So that, finally, we find the two available options and make the decision.

Finally, the only solution we have left will be after restoring all your data and your cache memory, it will be the fact of using another web browser to create shortcuts. Although, if until recently it worked correctly and did not give you this failure, we recommend restoring your mobile phone to a previous backup and then checking if the error no longer occurs.