How to report scams on Wallapop

There are many ways to get all kinds of products at a lower price than usual thanks to technology. However, the main option is based on resorting to second-hand sales platforms, as is the case with Wallapop, one of the most popular in this sector. Despite the facilities, many question the reliability of this type of application, due to the large number of fraud attempts that have occurred.

If unfortunately this has already happened to you, you should know that you can act in several ways to denounce this practice and try to recover the lost amount. We explain everything you can do, helping us from the platform with its solutions so that we don’t lose money or products.

report scams on Wallapop

How to prevent a scam?

First of all, we are going to explain how you can protect yourself from this type of criminal action that can occur in the application. The first thing you should know is that it is always best not to leave Wallapop when making transactions with other users, whether it is about payments or shipping products. This does not guarantee that we will not suffer a scam, but at least we will have help by reporting it if the case arises.


You must look carefully at the users and their profiles in order to verify that the data they offer is correct and transmits security to us. Viewing your previous shipments or purchases is a good example of this. Above all, we recommend opting for the Wallapop solution, which is responsible for keeping the money for the operation in a safe deposit until the buyer receives and verifies that the item has arrived in good condition. This allows greater security for both parties, to try to avoid scams and that no one risks losing out.

Most common scams in Wallapop

Within the popular application there are many scam methods used almost daily. We are going to show you the ones that are most often repeated and which, therefore, you should be more wary of when a person contacts you to buy a product or when you contact someone. A seemingly normal transaction on Wallapop can end up turning into a nightmare.

Scam via PayPal

A typical scam that occurs in Wallapop is to pay and carry out the transaction through the PayPal platform, which for many is safe, although it is not always the case. Here, the scammers say that they prefer to receive the money with the option of sending money to friends or family to save the commission. However, this type of payment is not reflected and does not ensure peace of mind, since it does not include any protection.


Paying by PayPal can be safe, as long as we do it through the option to pay for products or services . Despite this, we must remember that it does not offer great guarantees either, since they only take care that the package reaches its destination, never the content and its status. Therefore, it is not an option that is going to benefit you too much in Wallapop purchases or sales.

Nigerian scam

As strange as the name may be, it is repeated more times than we would like. This type of scam is initiated by a contact through Wallapop to habitually buy a high-cost, technology-related product. After the chat conversation, the buyer asks us to continue talking on Telegram or WhatsApp, stating that this way is more comfortable and agile.

The scammers ask the buyer to send the product to a distant country, possibly Nigeria. The buyer himself usually uses a number that begins with +234, the prefix assigned to this country. They offer us an extra payment as long as we send the product to them, with the excuse that it is a gift or some other cartoon that is not reality at all.


In order for us to believe that they have made the payment, they will send us a false bank transfer receipt by email or by some other method, trying to deceive us. If we look closely at the bank notice, there may be typos, wrong logos included and above all, the email address is not official. Sometimes they can even impersonate other people by carrying out identity theft thanks to previous victims. In case of detecting any of these strange movements, we must finish the conversion as soon as possible and not continue with it.

Impersonate the technical support of the app

Another type of scam that has become very common in the app is the one in which scammers pose as technical support staff . In this case, it is a way to impersonate your identity to defraud other people with your name, your profile, and, of course, your products.


These people contact the user to let him know that Wallapop’s technical service is investigating him precisely for having carried out some type of fraud. Next, they request the username and password to make a review. When the client gives them to them, they enter, change the password and practically disappear from the map, doing false business with the products you have published.

Ways to report on Wallapop

If you have fallen for one of these scams and have lost some product or even money, what you have to do without wasting time is to report the scam. In some cases it has been possible to find the scammers, recovering product and money, although we must admit that this has not been the result in most conflicts.

Report through Wallapop

In order to report the scam to Wallapop itself, you have to contact the application’s customer service center and tell them what happened in detail so that they have a record of it. What we can do through three different emails:, and


You can also send them all the information through other channels, such as Twitter or other social networks. Another thing to keep in mind is to report the user on Wallapop and also their ads . This is essential so that, from the application itself, they can block the account of people who do not respect the rules and thus prevent them from continuing to scam more people.

go to the police

The next thing you should do when appealing and reporting a scam on Wallapop is to file a police report. To do this, you can go to the nearest police station or file the complaint online from the virtual complaint office.


It is recommended that we gather all the information about the transaction, integrating from messages, screenshots, photographs or even supporting documents that have been sent to us. In addition, we must inform Wallapop herself that we have filed a complaint, so that they are aware of the case and follow it closely, and may even collaborate to help us.

Will I be able to get my money back?

It is difficult to ensure that we will or will not recover what we have lost. Luckily for us, if we have completed the sale through Wallapop, we have a very good chance of getting it back, which is reduced if we have chosen another payment method.

A quick action and a timely fine can be the solution to our problems. By following the steps that we have explained to you and proceeding correctly, you will have more chances of being victorious, although we do not guarantee success. These scams through applications usually occur around amounts of less than €400, being considered a petty theft , causing people to seldom manage to recover their belongings or money. In cases where the scammer repeats the modus operandi and this has been reported, it is easier to stop them.