How to activate/deactivate Google Assistant on Android phones

Google Assistant allows you as a user to make a large number of queries and you can even execute tasks and applications through voice commands. The truth is that it can be very useful, so if you want to activate it, we are going to show you how. And if what you want is that it no longer appears on your Android mobile and that there is no interaction if you say its command or if you press its button, you should know that there is also a way to deactivate it.

Therefore, we are going to explain both things, how to activate and deactivate it on your Android mobile. In this way, you will have free choice to make it present on your smartphone or not. Even so, you should know that this Google voice assistant has many advantages to offer, so we will explain everything to you.

activate/deactivate Google Assistant on Android phones

What is Google Assistant and what is it for?

This popular mobile accessory is the voice assistant created by the Google company. From the moment of its presentation, being called Google Now, it has changed a lot, until it became Google Assistant, as we know it today. Its main purpose was to facilitate those who did not have the ability to always use the screen, initially giving us few extras.

However, Google has been working on it, making it evolve to end up making it an eminence. This leads us to offer great advantages and possibilities in voice control . Those who have ever used it know that it is possibly the closest thing to talking to a robot that understands us.


This assistant integrated into the mobile offers us many voice commands, the possibility of carrying out searches by speaking and an infinity of advantages that they even offer us to control our home. The magic words and the ones that will lead us to it are Ok Google and Hey Google.

Among some of the tasks that you can complete for us, are the following that we mentioned.

  • Control smart devices.
  • Consult all kinds of information on the internet.
  • Discover news, weather and even traffic conditions.
  • Control the music that is playing.
  • Play content on the TV.
  • Set reminders and alerts.
  • Make calls and send messages.
  • Open smartphone apps and tools.
  • Complete translations.
  • Play or sing to us.

On the other hand, you should also know that the Google assistant is capable of recognizing the voice profiles of several people , so it knows who is speaking to it and can adapt the responses.

How to activate it

In the early days of Google Assistant, it was much more limited and we could only launch it from the home screen. Luckily, with the evolution, we have come to be able to use it even with the mobile screen turned off. To get this Google assistant to work on your mobile, you just have to follow this process:

google assistant voice match

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Click on the icon of your profile image.
  3. Choose the option called settings.
  4. Then enter the section called Voice.
  5. Next we select Voice Match.
  6. Then we will have to proceed to activate Hey Google.

guardar voz google assistant

If we have not configured this function before, we will have to record the voice by saying Ok Google several times. This way, Google Assistant will be able to recognize your ringtone. In this way, you can already enjoy all the functions of the Google assistant, even with the screen off.

Make Google Assistant work offline

At the moment we activate Ok Google, the assistant always resorts to the internet to carry out a search in the gigantic database that the company has. But since we don’t always need that information, we can choose to use it offline like this:

  1. Go back to Google> Settings> Voice.
  2. We touch on Offline Speech Recognition.
  3. Now we select in the list of all, those that we want to be able to use always.

voz sin conexion google assistant

Every time we connect to a WiFi network, it will be updated with new phrases and answers, although you must remember that, without the internet, there will be things that you will not be able to do. What, if you can complete, for example, is the function to set reminders or the mobile functions.

Disable Google Assistant

In cases where you no longer want to use the plugin, you can safely disable it. In this way, it will no longer appear on your mobile on purpose or by mistake, even if you say Ok Google. You can also disable the wake up button , so that when you hold down the button you won’t launch the wizard either.

Disable Google Assistant on Android

To achieve our purpose we must follow a process that is not too far from what we have seen before, although in reverse. We start by entering the Google app, from where we are going to follow the following procedure:

  • We select the Settings in the search engine app.
  • We touch on the section dedicated to the Google Assistant.
  • We chose Hey Google and Voice March.
  • Finally, we remove the blue button to disable it completely.

desactivar google assitant

However, you must remember that Google Assistant is still present when we use Android Auto, so that at the wheel we always have our hands free.

Remove wizard button

By holding down the home button or the central icon in the navigation bar of Android mobiles, voice recognition appears, something useful, but annoying for some people. If you wish, you can disable them with these steps that we will explain to you and that are valid for all Android mobiles:

  1. Go into the smartphone settings.
  2. Click on the option called Applications.
  3. Then we will select the Assistant section.
  4. Once inside we choose the menu dedicated to Hold down the power button.
  5. Here you can choose not to use it.

boton encendido asistente

In case our smartphone uses the classic navigation bar, it is possible that in some versions of Android to find the option we have to follow this process:

  1. We access the Settings.
  2. We touch on Additional Settings.
  3. We mark the tab named as Button Shortcuts.
  4. And among the options we will choose if we want the Google assistant to work or other tools to do it.

Google Assistant would be this way it would be deactivated from the shortcuts on our smartphone.