How to Remove People or Objects from a Photo with Snapseed

Shortly after you know how to handle Adobe Photoshop a little, you have surely heard the famous phrase: "Hey, can you take this person from this picture?" It is a classic that will last forever, since on paper it is quite difficult to achieve.

Now, the arrival of the photo retouching at the mobile level has caused the launch of applications that do their job very well. Today we tell you how to delete people or objects from a photo with Snapseed, one of those apps that is valid for everything.

We are not going to deny that the work that Snapseed does is quite efficient, especially if it is given a quality snapshot to work with. Therefore, first download the application and install it on your mobile phone.



Complete and professional photo editor.

When you have done this step, which may be the most complicated of all - and we are not kidding - just open the application, load an image through the “OPEN” button and then click on “Tools”. Of all the options that appear, the only one that interests are the one called “Stain Remover”.

From now on it touches a pulse contest. You must point your finger at the area you want to delete from the photo. If you are doing well, this element or person will be colored red.

We recommend that you use the zoom to get closer to the objective and that the clipping is closer to reality. When you're done, lift your finger and watch the changes run in seconds.

Snapseed uses the same techniques as any image editor, that is, taking advantage of similar parts of the image to recreate that in question.

In the snapshot that we have used, which you can see above, we have tried to make the conditions quite complex to see if the results were optimal. As you can see, we place the object to be photographed (our dog) in a relatively close plane, as well as in low light.

Snapseed Test

Despite this, and looking, as we say, that the image conditions were difficult, the resulting work is good, to the point that it even keeps the photographer's shadow on the ground.

As you can imagine, to get better results you just must have more light, that the object to be photographed is further away and that the image quality is higher. Remember to save the image once you have it edited and finished.