3 Best Free GPS Navigators for Android

The world of GPS navigators has changed a lot since the arrival of smartphones. If before we were used to having to study a route thoroughly before leaving home, filling our car with maps or spending a lot of money on a GPS device, now we simply connect our cell phone and literally let ourselves go. And it is that navigation applications have quickly become the ideal co-driver for any type of car trip.

If you are one of those who do not stop at home and need to travel by car very often, surely you will be interested in finding a good app to not get lost in your routes. In this article we are going to recommend what we consider the best GPS applications for your mobile. We hope they help you.

GPS Navigation Android
GPS Navigation Android

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most used GPS navigator in Android mobiles. This is due to its versatility, intuitive interface and convenience by automatically linking to our Google account.

One of the strengths of Google Maps is that we are facing an application that is updated daily, so you will never be surprised by an unforeseen event on the road. In addition to this, this browser has such interesting functions as the possibility of adding stops, calculating the average time it will take to reach your destination and finally the possibility of showing alternative routes that are more comfortable at the wheel.

Google Map, like a large part of Google’s applications, allows you to control it manually or by voice. This is essential to ensure your safety behind the wheel. Its only weakness is that it does not offer alerts about the location of radars on your route.


Waze could be considered as the biggest rival of Google Map if it were not because the application has been developed by Google itself. This combines the best of always updated maps with all the traffic alerts you may need to get your destination safe and sound.

As we have anticipated, Waze belongs to Google so you will find exactly the same updated Google Maps. Unlike the previous application, Waze always provides all speed alerts and radars so that no altercation will surprise you in the middle of the journey.

Waze has everything a good browser needs, from being able to control the application with voice commands to the possibility of listening to our music tracks while driving without them interfering with the indications of our GPS. In addition to this, the app has a large community of users offering details and alerts about routes to always be up to date with what happens.


HERE WeGo is another excellent GPS navigator completely free for our mobile that, even less known than the previous bets, is just as useful and efficient.

HERE WeGo is an application designed to easily move from any city in the world. This not only offers you routes to reach your destination if you decide to take the car but also offers the option of showing you the routes on public transport such as buses and even allows you to order a taxi from the same application.

One of the most interesting options of HERE WeGo is that it allows its use even if you are not online. This is especially important if you normally travel abroad and do not want to consume your roaming fee. Just download the map of the city you visit and use the application without having a network signal.

We hope that this little guide will help you to find a good free navigation application for your mobile. Which one do you use?