How to Remove Audio from Any Video with VLC

In the computer equipment that we use constantly today, we have the possibility of installing a good number of programs of all kinds. With everything and with this, a software sector that lately is not lacking in almost any PC , is that which refers to multimedia environments. Here we have a huge number of applications, as in the case of VLC, which we are going to talk about.

Along with office automation or content editing, the playback of audio and video files cannot be lacking on today’s computers. For this we can use a multitude of solutions as is the case that we have commented before. In fact, Windows 10 itself has its own integrated player for this type of files, although it is somewhat limited. We tell you this because, for example, the UWP Movies and TV application that is attached to the operating system itself, if we compare it with VLC, we will see important shortcomings.

Remove Audio from Any Video with VLC

This is why most users end up choosing to use an external third-party solution. This is precisely the case we are talking about in these lines, VLC Media Player from VideoLan. This is a powerful multimedia player that you can download first hand from this link . There are several characteristics that make this proposal one of the most used in the sector around the world.

Advantages of using VLC as a media player

On the one hand, we find the versatility that it presents us thanks to all the integrated functions. It is also compatible with most of the current formats, both audio and video. With this what it achieves is that just by installing this free software, we can reproduce practically any video or sound file that we find.

To all this we can add that VLC is extremely stable and reliable software. Thanks to this we can use it in a multitude of platforms and systems without fear of the usual malfunctions that occur in other similar proposals. That is why despite the fact that on the Internet we can find a good number of applications and platforms of this type, VLC is the favorite of the majority.

Interfaz VLC

Thus, this simple as well as powerful program will be of great help when dealing with different types of multimedia files. These include the aforementioned audio files to listen to music , and video files to watch movies and series, for example. But this software is not only limited to playback as such, period, it goes much further. To do this, it proposes a series of functions with which we can get the most out of these files that we are talking about. This is the case that we are going to talk about in these same lines.

Specifically, we refer to the possibility of extracting the audio from a certain video that we load in the program. We will achieve all this without the need to use third-party solutions .

How to remove sound from video from VLC

First of all, it is important to know that in order to extract the sound from a video , this is something that we can carry out in a simple way through specific programs. We refer to certain applications that are specifically responsible for editing this type of content. Or perform conversion tasks. Thus, just by taking the video file in question and converting it to MP3, we will have the possibility to extract the audio and work with it on its own.

But of course, in the case that what we are looking for is to remove the audio from a video , not just extract it, that is something else. It is for all this that in these lines we are going to show you how to carry out this task. In addition to the deletion work we are talking about, we can do it entirely from the commented VLC media player. For this that we comment, the first thing we must do is run the program as such in a regular way. Next we go to the Media menu option so that we can click on Open Network location.

Ubicación red VLC

In the new window that appears we click on the File tab and in it we select the video file with which we want to work. This is something that we achieve through the button called Add.

Añadir vídeo

Convert video to VLC to remove sound

Therefore, once the content has been loaded as such, at the bottom of the window we see a drop-down list in which we click on Convert . Once we have done this, a new window will appear in which you can see a field called Profile . Also next to this we also see an icon in the shape of a wrench, where we click.

Convertir VLC

Therefore, at this point we are going to find the VLC player’s profile editing window. Therefore, we only have to specify a name for the new custom profile that we are going to create. Next, in the Audio Codec tab, we make sure that the Audio option is not selected. Once we have created the new profile, this time without sound, we click Create.

Perfiles audio VLC

This will give us to the previously visited window and we will select the new profile in its corresponding field. We assign a name to the output file that we are going to generate. This corresponds to the video as such that we are about to create, but without sound, only with the video. It will be then when the conversion process will begin as such. Although we do not see the video playback itself on the screen, we will see that the time corresponding to the progress of the conversion is running on the bottom bar.

To say that although it seems a somewhat complicated process, the truth is that by slowly following the steps that we have described, we will achieve it without any problem.