How to reduce the power consumption of your computer

How many hours a day do you spend in front of your PC? The computer has become an essential tool for studying, working and playing. We bring you some tips to save energy with your computer . We click F1 to help you know how to reduce the power consumption of the computer.

Although the computer is not one of the devices that consume the most, each gesture counts when the objective is to save as much as possible on the electricity bill . According to the IDAE, the PC represents 4.6% of the energy consumption of household appliances at home.

reduce the power consumption of your computer

Before we start, we anticipate that the best equipment for the gamer or worker from home is to have a cheap electricity rate.

Tips for saving energy with your computer

Controlling the electrical consumption of the computer is simple. You just have to take a few energy efficiency measures to reduce energy waste . In addition, changing some settings and habits will extend the useful life of your equipment.

Activate power saving mode

The first thing you can do is configure your equipment with the “energy saving” mode . This option is available on all operating systems and on all devices.

This option is accessible through the control panel or the system settings . If you have a laptop, this option is usually activated automatically when the battery level is low.

Activating the saving mode will allow you to reduce the consumption of your equipment by up to 35%. When configured, options such as suspending the computer after a period of inactivity or a battery saver mode will be activated.

Choose efficient teams

When choosing equipment or components, always choose those that are more energy efficient . When we talk about computing, it is best to spend a little more on the purchase to achieve long-term savings.

Avoid acquiring a device with more features than you need. If you are only going to use it to surf the internet or send emails, you do not need a high-end gaming equipment .

If you still have an old monitor, your first investment might be to renovate it. Replace the screen with a more modern model , LCD type.

If you have a laptop, make sure the charger and battery are of good quality . An inexpensive power supply is less efficient and can damage equipment.

Set up your computer screen

There are endless possibilities for configuring your equipment that you can take advantage of to reduce your computer’s power consumption. The first is to set the brightness of the monitor . Having the brightness to the maximum is not good for your purse or for your eyes . It is sufficient to keep the lighting between 50% and 70%.

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The screensaver is another enemy of energy saving . If you want to reduce consumption, it is best to get rid of it. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes without using the computer, the best thing is that the monitor turns off automatically . Rest assured, Netflix marathons will not be affected by this setting, as it will not activate when you watch videos .

Turn off the PC when you don’t use it

When you finish your work day or the game, remember to turn off the computer completely . In addition, the ideal is to disconnect the equipment from the electrical network to avoid phantom or stand-by consumption.

The easiest way to do this is to connect the PC and all its peripherals to a switch strip . So you can disconnect them all at once with a single button.

Keep an eye on your peripherals

Take a look at your equipment: headphones, keyboard, mouse, gadgets connected by USB … These peripherals usually use the computer as a power source , increasing energy consumption.

We’re not going to tell you to get rid of the LED lights in your setup , but don’t forget about them to save electricity. Monitor their consumption, disconnect them if you are not going to use them and remember to turn them off with the equipment when you finish using them.


Do a good maintenance

Taking care of your computer hardware and software is important to reduce its energy consumption. In addition, good maintenance will extend the life of the equipment and delay the need to acquire a new equipment due to malfunction .

Clean your computer from time to time to prevent it from accumulating dust . Accumulated dust can cause components to overheat and affect computer performance. If you have a desktop, take the computer apart to clean the internal components at least once a year.

Delete junk files from your computer’s memory . A saturated memory consumes more energy and slows down the pc. Try not to force the operating system by having hundreds of tabs and programs that you do not use open.

What consumes more: the laptop or desktop

Are you wondering whether to buy a desktop or laptop computer? Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but here we are to analyze what its energy consumption is .

The laptop consumes around 50% less energy than a desktop one . But you must bear in mind that the consumption of a computer will always depend on its components and the use that is given to it.

If you decide on a laptop, keep in mind that its cooling system is usually lower than that of a desktop one and it tends to overheat more. To avoid this, avoid direct sunlight and use a stand to separate it from the table. Also, ideally, the battery should be removable.