HBO Max will hurt Netflix, what does it have to improve?

Streaming content platforms are the best option for those who want to enjoy quality content while having the freedom to consume it by deciding the specific day and time. With the arrival of HBO Max in Spain on October 26, the battle between the great kings of streaming begins: HBO and Netflix.

One of the reasons that drove the HBO Max project was to adapt a classic brand like HBO to a streaming concept more in line with the 21st century. The announcement of Warner Media to generalize the premiere of its great titles marked a turning point. In this way, the company has shown to what extent it has raised its level of commitment to the streaming platform.

HBO Max will hurt Netflix

Netflix weaknesses

When we decide to sign up for some of the paid streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney + or HBO, sharing our account with friends or family is a common occurrence. In HBO Max we will find all the content of Warner Media that includes Warner Bros, HBO, Max Originals, DC and Cartoon Network. In Spain, Vodafone will include HBO Max from its launch on October 26 as it does now with HBO.

Well, the arrival of HBO Max in Spain puts Netflix on the ropes. And you may be wondering, why HBO Max can be the great alternative to Netflix? If HBO has learned and rectified something with respect to Netflix, it is that exclusives are essential in a streaming platform. Exclusives are one of the biggest factors in losing or winning a customer. Therefore, if the catalog that HBO Max offers is full of renowned exclusives that people will subscribe to it is more than guaranteed.

Quality and price

The basic plan to subscribe to Netflix is 7.99 euros per month which does not include content even in HD when the rest of the streaming platforms that are direct competition such as HBO Max or Disney + for the same price offer us content in 4K. Therefore, the basic Netflix plan is quite out of date by offering content only in SD and can only be accessed through one device. On the other hand, HBO Max maintains the same price that HBO Spain cost: 8.99 euros per month with the option to subscribe to the annual modality for 69.99 euros, which means 5.83 euros per month. Cheaper price with 4K content, exclusive premieres and Dolby Atmos sound, a quality that Netflix is far from.

Therefore, HBO Max directly confronts Netflix with a cover letter announcing that it will feature the entire Friends series, one of the most relevant series of recent decades. As if that weren’t enough, the series that we enjoy right now on HBO and HBO Go will also be available on HBO Max. Therefore, one of Netflix’s weaknesses compared to HBO Max is directly related to the exclusive content that will arrive in Spain with HBO Max.

Poor quality content does not attract new users and there is a lot of that on Netflix. Users want to access quality and renowned content such as the Game of Thrones prequel “House of the Dragon” that will hit HBO Max in 2022. In addition, the platform will be compatible with 4K resolution, something that HBO in Spain does not currently have. HBO Max content will also be available in HDR with Dolby Atmos sound.