How to recover the sound in mobile notifications

Throughout the day we usually receive many alerts that can refer to messages, emails or simply new alerts from the many apps that we may have. Although the sound can cause us to get stressed at some point, it is just as annoying that they do not sound when we expect them.

A problem that users have suffered for several generations, but that has a solution if we know how to remedy it. So that these problems do not break into your mobile again, we propose and show you everything that we must keep under control to get them to ring whenever you need it.

recover the sound in mobile notifications

Audio modes

To start giving answers to the problem and of course solutions that allow us to recover the sound in the notifications , we have to put the spotlight on its possibilities. Many of the times in which we can find that an alert does not reach the mobile, the problem is solved with a simple change of mode.

On Android

By simply touching the volume control of our mobile or lowering the quick access curtains, we have two different ways of interacting with the modes. If instead of activating the sound, we have it configured as vibration or silence, we can stop knowing when a message arrives.

sonido android

But also, we have to look at the do not disturb mode. A small icon in the shape of the moon will warn us at the top that will warn us that we will not receive all the alerts . We can configure it from the indicated section, to choose another time in which it will work or even choose from which people if we are going to receive the sound in the alerts that reach the mobile.

Also on iOS

In the iPhone the sound options do not change too much with Android, because we will also be able to choose the silent mode, but the most common thing that happens to us is that we have activated the side switch inadvertently.

silencio iphone

In this case, the do not disturb mode can be found in Settings> Concentration modes and as you can imagine, it is another reason that leads us to find that no notification emits sound and therefore remains lost until we look at the mobile by intuition or routine.

Muted app

In the Android operating system we find an option that can make the difference between an app arriving without problems or the sound disappearing as if by magic. This is easily achieved in any brand, model and customization layer and we could even have activated it inadvertently.

We just have to leave the finger pressed on the alert that never sounds on the mobile and a series of options will appear that affect the sound and the priority. If the silent mode is marked, it is because at some point we modify it and to return to the original state, we would have to choose it as the default.

sonido notificaciones android

But if this is not enough, we can choose to give it priority and that in this way it always appears at the top in the list of alerts and the terminal itself worries because they always arrive and ring on the phone.

A process that we can comply with with all the apps in the system, although it is not the only thing we can do.

Review the alerts

At some point we may decide to completely end notifications from an application or block the sound. This will be what leads us to find that the notification keeps coming but does not sound. Getting it back to the original state is as simple as going into Settings> Applications and locating the problem.

notificaciones sonido app

Once inside we will be able to see how the first switch allows us to choose whether or not these alerts arrive. But then many others come, giving us concrete options for each of the options. By tapping on each of them, we can choose whether we want a silent or classic notification like the others, even choosing the express sound for each of them.

It only happens on WhatsApp

One of the most popular apps in the world of mobiles is undoubtedly WhatsApp, also from which we usually care about receiving notifications. If, after having followed the previous steps, we continue to run into that the problem repeats itself, we will have to try to solve it in the only way that we would have left.

It is possible that at some point a chat or group was very tiring and we decided to put an end to the alerts . We can remedy this by entering WhatsApp, accessing the group or person from which we want to hear a sound and tapping on the name.

silenciar notificaciones whatsapp

Then you just have to uncheck the option Silence notifications and everything will go back to how we wanted.

Are the notifications coming?

The thing changes to hidden if the problem is because we do not receive the news until we enter the app. This therefore blocks the sound and prevents us from hearing it, because at no time does it sound . A problem that is due to battery settings.

restricciones bateria app

The system optimizer blocks the alerts and they do not arrive until it is opened. To solve it we have to enter Settings> Battery and choose a non-strict battery saving. We can also do it from each of the apps, for example WhatsApp, entering Settings> Applications> Battery and removing the limitations so that the system does not close the app and we lose the alerts.

An old mistake

If nothing can solve the situation, we can only think that the error that affected so many users after the Android 11 update is repeated. In this case, the only thing left to do is to do a factory reset to the mobile phone and trust that when it turns on, no problem will haunt us again. This deletes all the files, so first we will have to make a backup copy and extract what we do not want to lose.

Then we will have to be very careful with the sound configuration , in case the problem is generated again by us. Of course, we must also be attentive to updates in case a novelty in the software or even in the apps solves this failure that torments us. Many times we look for complex solutions when the easiest thing is at our fingertips.