How to Recover Your Facebook Account in 5 Steps

Facebook profile hacks are becoming more common . Users are very careless, have easy to discover passwords and do not perform some very simple security tips (such as not clicking on links of doubtful origin or entering the password in unofficial portals). If you have the bad luck of having fallen into this, we tell you how to recover your Facebook account .

We have divided this explanation into five steps. As of Step 2, each of these steps is the “if all else fails” of the previous plan. Therefore, Step 1 is the sea of ​​simple while Step 5 is more complex.

Facebook Hacked
Facebook Hacked

Step 1: Check if you have another device logged in

Let's start with something very basic, but that works, we assure you: see if you have another device logged into Facebook . With this we refer to that it is likely that you have a tablet, a PC, etc., where the social network is automatically connected. If this is the case, log in with that device to Facebook and create a new password in a matter of seconds. We assure you that it works, beyond the possible problems that it can give.

Step 2: Use the official recovery method

If the device has not worked, there is nothing left but to pull towards the recovery options provided by Facebook. Enter this web page and go following the fields that appear.

The first thing that is going to be requested, as you can imagine, is the mobile phone or email that is linked to Facebook. When you enter it you will be asked how you want to receive the password activation code. Our advice is that you choose “via email”, since there you will have direct access (it is assumed).

When you enter the security code received in the corresponding box, Facebook will ask you for a new password . Remember our recommendation: that it has uppercase, lowercase and intermingled numbers.

Also, monitor your personal data, as it is likely that the hacker has changed the mobile phone number or email to access in the future.

In that case, just recover your account, change your password, update your contact information not only to protect you but also to obtain new ways to recover your account if you lose it again. Oh, and activate the authentication process in two steps!

Step 3: Update the contact information

If you have lost and forgotten your email address or phone number linked to your Facebook account, you will have to take this step. If you have not forgotten these elements, but, by taking Step 2, you have seen that these have changed, it is possible that your account has been hacked. In that case it is perhaps better that you go directly to the next step.

Go to the link in Step 2 but in the lower left click on the new recovery section. I will ask you to offer a new e-mail or a new number. Then the section of trusted contacts will come. You will have to remember the full name of one of the three or five contacts to reveal all your trusted contacts. Then you will have to contact them to give you the security codes they have received.

If you didn't set up trusted contacts in your day, you will have to answer one of your security questions. Normally, the option to reset the password is not immediate, but it takes a few hours until you can access your account.

If you do not remember the answer to any of your questions, you will have to go to Step 5.

Step 4: Warn that your Facebook account was hacked

You may not be able to access your account because it has been hacked. It's easy to find out: normally a friend or acquaintance will let you know that your connected Facebook profile sees you or that you are sharing weird things. And is that when you hack the account is usually to perform spam. If your account has been compromised, you should not only change the password, but also let Facebook know that your profile may be in danger.

In this case, go to this link and click on "My account is compromised". A process very similar to that of the previous methods will begin; You will have to give account information to identify yourself. For example, you can recover your account if you offer your usual password or an old account.

Once you have recovered your account in this case, check out the security zone of your configuration to prevent it from happening again. Specifically, we recommend that you use two-step authentication or activate login notifications, so that Facebook notifies you in the event that someone other than you is accessing your account.

Step 5: Contact Facebook directly

If all methods have failed you so far, do not worry. You can contact Facebook directly through the email address Be sure to explain the situation in detail. To prove your identity, offer your full and real name, attach a photo of your identity card ... On a personal level, we have not had to resort to this method with Facebook but to recover, for example, a hacked Hotmail account. Based on these misadventures, we recommend patience; Companies take a long time to respond in these cases. We can be talking about two or three weeks.

Attention: if you have used a false name or alias for your Facebook account, your chances of recovering it with this method are almost non-existent.