How to Have Two WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Mobile

With the rise of mobile phones with Dual SIM, many of us have literally taken a weight off of us by not having to carry the work mobile in addition to our staff. While these allow us to have both numbers combined on the same device… what about our WhatsApp accounts ?

As we know, the messaging app links an account to a phone number so it should be possible to use two accounts from a mobile phone with Dual SIM.

In this little article we are going to show you how to have two WhatsApp accounts linked to the same Android phone. Of course, you will need to have a Dual SIM compatible phone for the methods we are going to offer to work. If you meet this requirement, you can use two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on a mobile phone following these simple methods.

Method 1: Use Dual Messaging

Although it is not yet a feature that comes standard on all Android phones with Dual Sim, this is present in many Samsung brand phones . This allows you to create clones of an application (especially messaging apps) so you can link each of these copies to a different SIM card.

If you do not have a Samsung mobile, do not worry, there is the same option but with other names depending on the manufacturers of your phone. For example:

  • Huawei- App Twin
  • Xiaomi- Clone Apps
  • OnePlus- Parallel Apps

We recommend that you check if your mobile has this option following the same steps that we are going to show you now. Keep in mind that these are for a Samsung mobile, so if the manufacturer is different the names will be different .

First, access the Settings of your phone and then click on Advanced Features . In this menu, look for the “Dual Messaging” option and click on it.

If you do not find this option is that your Samsung mobile does not have the option included, so we recommend that you use method 2 .

If your mobile has the option of Dual Messaging you will see how a list of all the apps you have installed on your mobile will appear. Activate the WhatsApp switch to create a copy of the application and accept the security exemption that will appear on the screen.

Permission will then be requested for a new version of WhatsApp to be installed on your mobile. Click on “Install” to follow the process. After that you will see how a new WhatsApp icon will appear on your phone screen but with a slightly different icon .

Open your new WhatsApp and configure it with the number of your second SIM card . As simple as that!

Method 2: Use Parallel Space

If your mobile does not have the function of cloning applications as standard, do not worry. You can achieve the same result using third-party applications. We especially recommend that you use Parallel Space for its simplicity, efficiency and good results. You can download it for free and securely from here.

Unlike the previous method, Parallel Space will create a parallel menu on your mobile where you will be able to install copies of your favorite applications . To start the process, simply click on Parallel Space and wait for your parallel space to be created. Once this is done, click on the “Start” button .

After that, select which applications you want to install in this parallel menu from your mobile. In our case, click on WhatsApp and select the option “Add in Parallel Space” . After that, access your second WhatsApp account through Parallel Space and configure it with the number of your second SIM card .

We hope that these little tricks will help you to set up a second WhatsApp account from your mobile with Dual SIM.