4 Best Free Alternatives to Windows Media Player

The Windows Media Player has accompanied every installation of Windows since time immemorial. Since its inception, this has been an excellent tool with which to open and enjoy multimedia files without installing any extra software.

However, with each new version of Windows, Microsoft has been removing such useful functions as for example the playback of DVDs or WMP files . That is why many users consider it an outdated and sometimes unhelpful tool.


If you are tired of the limitations and incompatibilities of Windows Media Player, why don't you install a free alternative to it? There are free programs much more powerful and with more features with which you will not miss the Microsoft player. These are the alternatives that we like the most.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the undisputed king within free media players. This provides all the functions you could want in a player: a simple and intuitive interface, compatibility with all types of audio and video files as well as being able to play videos and DVDs smoothly.

You can download VLC Media Player for free and securely from here.

As we have already told you, the strong point of VLC Media Player is that, since it is an open source player , it is capable of playing any type of audio or video file.

In addition, the application allows you to watch streaming videos as well as duplicate playback on your TV screen thanks to Chromecast.

If you are looking for a complete player , highly customizable and also compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux, do not hesitate and download it now.


Foobar2000 is perfect if you are looking for an excellent free audio player . This one is capable of playing any audio format without just wasting resources from our system.

You can download Foobar2000 quickly and safely from here.

Although in principle Foobar2000 may seem like a simple program, it is loaded with interesting options . In addition to being a very light program, this one has endless plugins with which to add functionalities to the player. For example we can change the appearance of its interface, extract audio tracks from CDs, convert audio formats, improve sound, etc.

As a point in favor, Foobar2000 also allows us to collect information about the audio we have in our equipment and in this way, add all the necessary information to tracks of which we do not know your data.

Media Monkey Free

Media Monkey is much more than a free audio player, it is a true suite not only capable of perfectly replacing Windows Media Player but also other programs such as iTunes .

You can download Media Monkey Free from here.

Although there is a paid version of Media Monkey, its free edition will allow you to perform all the basic tasks that a good player should have. For example you can manage and play both audio and video files , extract tracks from CDs as well as burn them and of course, complete the information of your tracks (title, singer, album cover, etc.) automatically.

Finally, note that if you are a podcast lover you will be happy to know that Media Monkey has an option to subscribe to those you like the most and thus not miss any program. If you are not afraid of audio and video players with many options and features, Media Monkey is for you.


MusicBee is a very powerful audio player that barely takes up space on the hard drive. As a disadvantage, it is not able to play video files , but if you just look for a program to listen to music, it is ideal.

You can download it quickly and for free from here.

With an interface very similar to Windows Media Player, MusicBee is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy good music without complications. This offers all the basic functions of an audio player (extract CD tracks, convert audio files, the possibility of listening to podcasts, etc.) but with the particularity that it uses much less system resources than others.

In addition, the program has an Auto-DJ function capable of creating automatic playlists that will adapt to your musical tastes.

If you are looking for a powerful player that takes up little space and barely wastes resources from your system, try MusicBee. It's free!

What is your favorite music player ? Share it with us in the comments section!