How to Recognize an Original Charger from a Fake One

One of the biggest scams that we can find has to do with fake mobile chargers or other devices, without them we cannot continue to use our mobile and sometimes they can make us buy something that really is not what it should be. A fake charger can leave us without a mobile with a single use and that is why it is important that we know how to recognize an original charger, since afterwards no one will be responsible for the damage.

Recognize an Original Charger from a Fake One

As with clothing or other items, fake chargers reach all corners of the world and are also present on the Internet, where it is easier to check if they are fake. So that you yourself can know if a charger is original, we are going to give you a series of tips that will allow you to find the charger you need to continue enjoying fast charging and total peace of mind.

Look for the logo or name on the charger

Sometimes the replicas of chargers are made in a very bad way and only by looking at the brand logo we can recognize that it is not the original. Most manufacturers include their logo or brand name in a visible way so that it is easy for us to identify which smartphones it is prepared for and in case it is difficult for us to see or recognize it before buying it, we will be faced with a possible deceit attempt.

cargador original samsung

Loading speed is very important

Among all the data on the charger we have to look at the type of fast charge that it offers us, each brand chooses its own name for fast charging, among which we find: Warp Charge, SuperCharger or Quick Charge among other proper names that we must know. This callsign is usually built into the charger and it only takes a quick look to find it.

cargador original huawei

In some cases it is not seen with the naked eye and then we will have to use the glasses closely to find it among all the information that is written. We look at the OUTPUT section where it shows us the amperage it offers

Certificates and information from an original shipper

All electronic products sold in Europe must pass a series of tests that grant more than 20 certificates and that assure consumers that they have not been tampered with. This is the best mechanism used to transmit peace of mind and the necessary security to trust these chargers. The main logo that we must find on the original charger is that of European conformity which is identified with a “CE”.

logotipo conformidad europea

However, this logo has tried to be simulated from Asia with the name “China Export” that is identified with another “CE” and that can create a great confusion when buying chargers between communicators. This logo from the East has, unlike the European, the letters closer together and the best way to identify it is by comparing it with an original one that we can look for on the mobile.

Other data that cannot be missing from the charger are the INPUT and OUTPUT amperage, as well as the model of the charger to which it corresponds and the place of manufacture.

Trust even less on the internet

The problem comes when we try to buy a charger from the thousands of stores that exist online or sellers, here the origin will make the difference and we have to make sure that the charger arrives from Spain or our own country of residence, also taking into account that the input connector to the socket is compatible.

cargadores tienda samsung

The images do not always tell the truth and if we cannot see the charger with our own eyes we may find that we have bought a supposedly original charger but that it really is not. In these years the best we can do is trust only the official pages of each brand, where we can find the same charger that we have used so far. Furthermore, reputable stores can also offer us the original charger we need.