How to Search for Places or Stores in Android Contacts

The possibilities of mobile phones do not cease to amaze us and a large part of these surprises come from artificial intelligence and development by Google. Now its large amount of data is made available to us on Android phones with a trick that will surely be very useful, since you will be able to search for places, shops or restaurants among other things from your contacts.

Search for Places or Stores in Android Contacts

Previously we had to go to Google Maps or go browsing Google to find the phone number and location, but now this is not necessary. Just by having the native Google contacts app on our mobile phone , we can activate the function that offers us the largest volume of information we may need. Something that at first was only available for the Google Pixel but is now accessible to anyone.

How to activate the search for places in Android contacts

Before starting the process we have to activate the specific function, which is within the contacts app that we have mentioned. We just have to enter it and touch on the three points in the upper right, and then choose the settings. Within this point we are going to go to nearby sites and activate all the options that seem to us, giving it all the permissions if we want it to work correctly.

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The option is available for mobiles with any version of Android, since it depends more on the app than on the version. There are also no limitations on the layers of customization that exist in Android.

Steps to search any site on Android

Once we have activated the option of nearby sites, we will only have to access the contacts again and click on the upper search bar. Depending on the words we use for our search, we will see suggestions for shops, bars, restaurants, hotels or any other service that we may want. Along with this information appears the option to call the number in case we want to know the availability or some other matter.

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In case we do not want to make a call, we can click on the icon and it will take us to your profile with the exact location. Tapping on the address will open Google Maps and show us photographs and other information about this same place. Everything that previously took us minutes to search, is now done instantly.