Realme: How to Limit Data When Sharing Wi-Fi

Over time, the vast majority of users have learned to efficiently manage their monthly data voucher. In addition, we have new aids such as the increasingly large gig bonuses or even the new unlimited offers. In addition, our mobiles, as is the case with Realme’s , help us in the task of avoiding scares when we run out of a single mega before the renewal of the rate.

Realme: How to Limit Data When Sharing Wi-Fi

Control of our data is important. We must not neglect which applications consume more megabytes and at what rate. Running out of data before our operator renews the voucher again can be very frustrating, especially when we need to be connected and there is no other way to access the network. Realme mobiles also have their own option to restrict data, as a preventive measure before they run out.

Have control of the data

One of the most common reasons why the data of a tariff runs out quickly is in those users who regularly share their data voucher as a Wi-Fi Zone with other users. It is something normal, since at the moment of doing it, we lose control over where each mega goes, since the expense of all the apps, navigation or multimedia contents of the connected devices, could skyrocket and we only realize when the data has been Exhausted.

wifi zone

Set the limit

On Realme mobiles, we can set these limits by going to Settings / Other wireless connections / Sharing data over Wi-Fi / Connection management / Data restriction. Once inside we will see the available options, ranging from 10 megabytes that can be used to grant someone temporary access to their WhatsApp and can be more than enough, up to 10GB of data. In the middle we also have options of 50, 100, 200, 500, 1GB or 5GB. The choice will depend both on the capacity of our data voucher, and on the megabytes or gigs that we are willing to share, so the choice in this regard will be very particular.

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Starting over

When we reach the set limit, the Wi-Fi zone will turn off. If they are enabled again, data sharing will be reset and the counter will start from zero. In this way and once activated, we can keep control and control the data we share when we create a Wi-Fi Zone with our Realme mobile. In the same way, we can eliminate the limits by entering the same option and selecting “No restrictions” at the bottom.