How You Can Protect Your Trademark Rights: 6 Essential Steps

When you have a business or a product that you want to protect you need to go down the route of getting a trademark in place. Trademarks can help protect your intellectual property. If you do not get a trademark in place then you will struggle to protect your rights and you will be vulnerable to fakes and counterfeits.  If you do not protect your identity, images and products as soon as possible then you will risk further exposure which may then end up costing you even more time and money. So, now that you know just how important a trademark is, what do you need to do to get one and to protect it?

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1.Make Sure Your Trademark is Unique and Not in Use

It sounds simple enough doesn’t it but quite often it is something that you will overlook. Your trademark or the trademark that you want to put into place must be unique and not in use in any shape or variety. If your trademark is not unique then you will struggle to establish your unique identity and brand and you will struggle to differentiate yourself from other businesses who may be similar or offer something similar to what you do, and this could be problematic for everyone involved including customers, clients and suppliers.

2.Complete an Extensive Search

At the start of the process is when you want to conduct your search and within this search,you want to establish if any trademarks are available that are like the ones you want or if there are ones that closely match what you are currently using. If you conduct an extensive search then you can save yourself time, stress and hassle both now and moving forwards.

3.Ensure Your Trademark is Legal 

Not all trademarks, words and images can be used legally. Some words are strictly banned and some combinations of words are banned in certain states and countries, so you must ensure that your trademark or the trademark you want to use is legal before you invest any more money and time.

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4.Use an Attorney

Trying to apply for a trademark yourself can be costly, tedious and stressful. Ideally, you would use a specialist attorney who would be able to apply for your trademark or trademarks on your behalf. There are trademark attorneys in California who you can entrust to apply for your trademarks in a timely and efficient manner. Not using an attorney, especially a specialist one could leave you in a sticky situation especially if you end up getting involved in costly lawsuits with competitors or similar trademark holders, so it is also better to cover yourself in advance.

5.Apply as Soon as Possible

Time is of the essence when it comes to applying for a trademark, so ideally you do not want to be waiting around to put in your application, especially if it is for an innovation or product. If you wait you could find a competitor sneaking up behind you and stealing your limelight. Waiting exposes your vulnerabilities as a business so do not hesitate and do not procrastinate as it will be difficult to get another trademark made up that truly and wholly represents you as your business.

6.Consider Registering Internationally

Even if you do not plan on taking your product or brand internationally it may still be worth protecting your brand and trademark on an international scale. Covering yourself, your brand and your product and innovations may cost you more money in the short term, but over a longer period of time, you will find that you will reap the rewards and benefits.

When deciding what trademark to register you must follow through with each step. Trying to skip steps or trying to get things done even quicker by taking a shortcut will not be beneficial and may end up costing you more money than you know. So, go through the whole process as thoroughly as it requires and at the end of it you will reap the rewards and the benefits.

If you are unable to put together a trademark yourself then you might want to consider getting a designer on board. Having a professional put together a professional, well designed and thought-provoking trademark is a must. Your trademark will stay with your business for a long time and it is for this reason that you must invest wisely. Your trademark along with your reputation and image will be one of the first things that customers and clients see.