How to Downgrade Xiaomi to a Previous MIUI Version

Xiaomi and Redmi mobiles use MIUI as their personalization layer, one of the most outstanding for its many options. These possibilities are not only focused on the use or personalization, but also to decide at all times what is best for our mobile. Therefore, we have the option that allows us to return our Xiaomi mobile to a version of MIUI prior to the one we have.

Some time ago we knew about the possibility of forcing the update to MIUI 11 on Xiaomi , something that may not have convinced us completely or find us with errors that still need to be corrected . To return to the previous version of our system the steps will be simple and regardless of our level as a user we can do it, we just have to follow the explanations step by step.

Get ready to roll back your Xiaomi mobile to a previous version

Before starting the process, it is very important that we securely store all our files , photos or videos safely on other devices. It is likely that during the process we lose some data and although nothing should happen, it is always good to be cautious.


Then we have to know the version of MIUI that we have installed or else we could get confused during the process. We can do this by going to Settings> Phone information> MIUI version . In this section we will see the complete number of our version and we will have to write it down or save it so that we do not get confused later.

Download the MIUI version you want

To download the MIUI version prior to the one we have installed, we will have to download the Downmi application on our mobile. When accessing we will have to choose our mobile and we will also choose the global version, which we surely have on our mobile. Then we have to remember the number of the MIUI version that we checked previously and press on the one that is just before or opt for a previous one.

We must bear in mind that if we choose a much earlier one, which changes version for example to MIUI 10 or MIUI 9 when we are in MIUI 11, there could be a problem.

forzar miui 11 móviles xiaomi

Once we have chosen the version of MIUI that we want, we only have to choose in recovery the option to download and once the process is completed, we can return our Xiaomi mobile to a previous MIUI version.

Install the MIUI version you have downloaded

Once we have everything ready, we will only have to go to the file manager to save the ROM that we have downloaded in a specific folder with a specific name or do it from our computer. The folder where we must place the ROM is the root folder , which means that there should be nothing above it. The file name must be changed to be called “” and avoid errors or problems.

instalar rom miui 11 manual

Once it is placed as we have explained, we go to Settings> Phone information> System update and in the upper right part we will touch on the three points to see the option to select update package. In case it does not appear, we will have to repeatedly tap on the MIUI logo to activate the advanced options.

Within this option we can choose the ROM that we had saved in the root folder and just selecting it will begin the process to return our Xiaomi mobile to the previous version of MIUI.