How to Program Bixby Routines on Samsung Mobiles

Surely many users who have a Samsung in their hands still do not know what exactly Bixby routines are , much less how they are used. Although, the reality is that it closely resembles those quick commands that can be set in the Google Assistant. That is, we will be able to make our mobile perform small functions by default using only our voice.

These configurations or quick commands will help us in our day to day, both to have put the mobile in do not disturb mode and to activate Wi-Fi as soon as we get home. Basically because it allows us to create automations, so that when we say a certain word to the Samsung assistant, it will be able to execute a function that we have customized. Therefore, we will explain what exactly it consists of, what are the best default routines and how you have to create yours in your own way.

Program Bixby Routines on Samsung Mobiles

What are Bixby routines

The voice assistant of the South Korean company has certain voice commands that are really useful, since they can be programmed to perform different tasks. We are facing the equivalent of other virtual assistants like Google’s. These schedules are used to automate different actions when creating our own voice commands.

In addition, it will let us choose what exactly we want the wizard to do when we execute a certain order. So, in this way, we will save different steps such as entering an application ourselves. And as we will see now below, this wizard has a series of default routines in the quick commands section.

However, they are not activated by default, so in any case you will have to enter them and activate them on your own before you can start using them as follows: Settings> Advanced functions> Bixby Routines . Although, if it appears in the quick panel, you can enable them from there without having to enter settings.

Activar Bixby

Some tasks can be carried out by simply saying “Good morning” or “Good night.” Although there will also be other commands so that we can enter a certain application or website. To do this, we find that in the section on creating a routine there is a list of applications that are available to use through these routines. Of course, each of these has different preconfigured commands.

And the best of all is that if they do not convince us, we can configure them to our measure or even create others completely from scratch. Therefore, we will explain how you will have to start from scratch when creating a personalized routine to your needs.

Create a custom configuration on your Samsung

Now it is the turn to take action to create those routines that interest us the most. Although, later we will show you the most recommended and the most useful ones. Leaving this aside, we will have to press the dedicated assistant button on our Korean firm phone.

Once we are inside said wizard, we will have to click on the three points that will appear in the upper right part. Although, if you enter Bixby directly, we will have to access quick commands and touch on the plus symbol that will also be shown in the upper right part of your screen.

Once we are inside this menu, we will see a list of settings that the wizard recommends directly, since they are the ones that come by default. But, what interests us is to be able to create a personalized one. Therefore, after clicking on the sum icon we will arrive at a window that tells us the following:

Crear rutinas Bixby

  • What you say to Bixby : in this section we will establish the word or phrase that we will use for this routine.
  • What Bixby does : here we will have to add the command we want to execute when saying a word or phrase to the wizard.

Once we have put the keywords to execute said order, it is time to enter exactly what the command will do. To do this, the following options will appear:

  • Select a command: here you will have to choose an action based on one of the apps that will appear in the list, since they will show you the ones that are compatible.
  • Say a command: you will simply have to say the action you want to be carried out without having to rely on any app.
  • Write a command: this option is similar to the previous one, but you will have to write it instead of saying it in your own voice.

The best routines for your mobile

Within the voice assistant of the South Korean company we find those routines that are already configured by the system itself. In addition, they will appear as “Recommended” and depending on the version of One UI that we have, they will appear in one way or another. Among them, you can find options to optimize your phone when you get home, to save battery, to make your mobile ring every day in the morning, etc. That is why we will tell you which are the most useful that you can find within the Samsung assistant routines .

Comandos rápidos Bixby

Activate Wi-Fi when you get home

When we leave home, we usually deactivate the Wi-Fi of our mobile device so as not to consume so much battery. And the truth is that, on many occasions, we forget to activate it as soon as we arrive, so we will continue to consume our mobile data without realizing it. Luckily, with the Bixby routines this will end, since we can configure a routine with which we can enable it automatically as soon as we approach an address that we indicate to the assistant. However, in order for you to help us in this, we must always keep the location of our terminal connected.

In order to configure this routine we will have to select the Place option and choose the location of our house. After this, we will click on the When it arrives button to be able to indicate to Bixby the type of activation. Finally, you will have to choose the Wi-Fi option and Activate in Connections.

Play your favorite music when wearing headphones

Another of the many functions that we find between the different settings of the routines of this assistant, is that we can start listening to our favorite music as soon as we plug in headphones. However, it will be important that it is by cable. With this routine we can start playing in any of the music applications compatible with Bixby , be it Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

In order to create this we will have to select Wired headphones in the routine condition and then select Play music. Within this, we will have to select the app that we use the most to listen to music or any other music player that we have installed on the phone and that is compatible.

Hi Bixby

Put Android Auto when entering the car

This routine will be quite good if our car has a Bluetooth connection. More than anything because Bixby will allow us to indicate Bluetooth devices to establish a series of actions. Everything will depend on the section to which we connect. In order to configure this functionality we will have to select the option of Bluetooth Devices within Routines and then choose the connection that we have established with our vehicle. Then, we will only have to choose the option to Open application and select the app that we prefer together with Android Auto.

Do not disturb mode for uninterrupted sleep

Finally, this routine will be of great help to those who do not want to suffer any kind of interruptions at bedtime. In addition, it will be especially if we do not want to have to waste our time to disconnect each of the different connections that we have activated.

To do this, within the Routines section we will have to select the Time option and choose a “pick-up” time. Then, we will have to add all the actions that we want to be executed. Among them, we can choose Wi-Fi and Deactivate, Do not disturb and Deactivate. If what we want is to silence it, we will have to select the Multimedia volume alternative and set the level to 0%.