Do you know how to prevent your antivirus from blocking downloads?

Antiviruses are essential software on Windows computers. So much so, that Microsoft started by including Microsoft Defender to block the most serious threats. Little by little they were expanding their database, and they have already become one of the best antivirus on the market. However, both Defender and other antivirus can block downloads from us on the Internet.

how to prevent your antivirus from blocking downloads

Using an antivirus always generates some kind of small slowdown in the system. These slowdowns are hardly noticeable as they consume very little system resources. What we can notice is that the antivirus or the browser does not let us download a file because, according to what they detect, it may be malicious or include some malware.

If you are an advanced user, you probably know what you are downloading well, and that you are downloading it from a reliable source. Antiviruses do not trust, and if they see something strange in the files, they will block it. It does not have to be malware as such, but any type of malicious content such as adware or spyware can be blocked.

Avoid download blocking in Google Chrome

When we download something from the Internet , we usually do it through the browser or with other methods, such as torrenting. In the case of Chrome, the browser already has a built-in filter for malicious content , which, unfortunately, tends to fail quite frequently. Normally we have to click several times to be able to display the area that allows us to download the content on our PC, but there is a more comfortable way to avoid it.

To do this, we have to go to Chrome settings, where we can go quickly by typing chrome: // settings / in the address bar, and we go to Privacy and security. There, in the Security section, we have three types of protection to choose from: Enhanced Protection, Standard Protection, and No Protection. The latter is the one that we have to select if we want to download the file, deactivating the protection of dangerous downloads, extensions and websites. Thus, it is advisable to reactivate it once we have downloaded the file we want.

How to disable it in antivirus

In the case of antivirus, the options will vary depending on which one we use. Most have a real-time threat detection system, which we can temporarily disable when downloading a file. Thus, we have two options in the antivirus.

The first is to temporarily disable virus protection while we download or run a file that is giving us problems. With Defender, for example, we have to go to Windows Security , and there in the Antivirus and Threat Protection Settings . There, we give to Manage the configuration, and we deactivate the first option of Real-time protection .

The second option is to add exceptions. If we have managed to download the file, but the antivirus has blocked it, in Windows Security itself it will appear that the threat has been detected. If we click, we can add the file as an exception , as well as we can remove it to eliminate it permanently. Thanks to this, you can have an entire file or folder excluded from the antivirus scan, and it will stop bothering you.

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