How to pay with Huawei Wallet

Mobile payments are here to stay and they have been. However, they still have to penetrate deeper into the population and be integrated into all kinds of public and private services. Virtually any mid-range mobile integrates mobile payments or a tool to facilitate them . In the case of Huawei phones with EMUI 10, we find the Wallet tool in its tool drawer.

We are facing a payment application that includes the Huawei Pay functionality. Consumers can use Huawei Wallet to add different cards and make contactless payments or discounts. We are therefore facing a digital wallet and mobile payments service that allows users to make contactless payments in stores and make online payments in applications.

pay with Huawei Wallet

How Huawei Wallet works

To do this, Huawei Wallet digitizes magnetic stripe or PIN transactions and replaces them at point-of-sale terminals with the contactless payment function. It is similar to contactless payments used in many countries, but adds two-factor authentication through a fingerprint or a code to increase security when making payments with our smartphones from the Chinese firm. In this way, we will make secure payments in any type of establishment.

Activate it on your Huawei

In order to use this functionality in our terminal, we will have to activate the function by entering Wallet, which is in the tool drawer on the desktop of our mobile. In order to access, we can use the same Huawei ID that we have configured on the mobile device, since it is an essential requirement to enter. Once we have entered, we will have to accept the conditions of service and grant access permissions to the camera, in order for it to be able to read the cards that we are going to add. And not only this, but we will also have to allow to receive the SMS for the verification codes, in addition to giving it to the storage for the registration of the different applications of our mobile device.

Huawei Wallet

Insert cards

When we have already been able to accept each of all the permits, we can proceed to add our cards to Wallet. The method can be done by scanning or by entering the data manually. In that case, we will have to enter related information, including the card number, expiration date, or company number. In this case, Huawei Spain allows us to add loyalty cards, gift cards or coupons within this smartphone application.

This means that we can use payment cards associated with businesses, use gift cards or use discounts that we have in coupons. For example, if we go to a Huawei store and they give us a discount coupon or a gift card, we can upload it to this app on the mobile devices of the Chinese firm, and always have them at hand even if we have lost them. The possibility of adding credit cards is still a service associated with Huawei Pay, which is not currently available in Spain.

Huawei Wallet

Final verification

Once all the information has been added, the application will transfer that information from the card to the service operator to verify the legitimacy of the card. You will then receive the token on the phone, which is an additional key to validate operations. Finally and once the card has been added in Wallet, we can use the fingerprint or PIN on the phone and bring it closer to the card reader that supports contactless payments . In this way we can use this type of cards or coupons without having to take out the wallet and have the physical cards. In addition, we will be able to make totally safer payments with our mobile device.

Problems with the Wallet of your Huawei mobile

It is somewhat probable that payments through the “wallet” of our mobile device may fail at some point, but the truth is that the main culprit will not be this tool, but rather the NFC of our mobile device. And because of this, we will have to deal with the fact that the Huawei Wallet directly does not allow us to pay with this chip that our smartphones have integrated today.

Therefore, one of the first steps we must take is to check if the NFC is activated . And although it seems obvious, it is what will make half of those who are reading this post come up with the answer to the problem. On many occasions, the NFC is not activated when it was believed that it was, and it is attributed to a failure in itself. Its activation can also be confused with some other type of connectivity in the quick access panel. Checking it is as easy as sliding your finger from the top of the screen and tapping on the function if you see it turned off.

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Although, it can also happen that, if both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activated when we are making the NFC payment , they could affect the transmission of the incoming message to the Wallet application of our smartphone of the Chinese firm, which causes the impossibility of receive the incoming message. It is therefore recommended to turn off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and try again.

You should also bear in mind that, if the balance is insufficient, obviously the payment through the mobile will fail. So the only way to continue shopping anywhere with your smartphone’s NFC will be to change the default payment card that you have established. To do this, we will have to access this software of our Huawei, access Me> Shortcuts and then configure another card as the default. And of course, we cannot forget that our mobile has to be connected to the network . Also, that you are swiping the card in screen unlock mode. So we will have to make sure that we have a network connection and make sure that the screen is fully turned on, and that the smartphone is unlocked. Well, it will not be possible to make a purchase if it is not unlocked.